24 December 2008

Christmas Decoration!

If you still remember, in my previous posts, I did mention that I love observing Christmas decoration. I don't know why but love it... :)

So few days ago, I managed to visit 1 Utama, The Curve and Ikano. Oh my. I love the decoration in these malls. They are beautiful. I did blog about Ikano before, so there will be just 1 Utama and The Curve photos.. :D

One Utama

I personally love Christmas decoration here. It is like Alice in the Wonderland theme. And the Christmas trees on the stage look like icing tree.. Ahhww..

How wonderful.. ^^

The Curve.

On the other hand, Christmas decoration in The Curve looks more like a fairyland to me. You can spot pixies every corner.

Some are blue..

Some are red..

There is a spinning Christmas tree as well.
How creative!

Oh my.
I secretly love this design. A giraffe?

I love Christmas!


Oh ya.
Before ending this post, there is something I want to add on. Still remember my previous post on Pavilion Christmas tree? I remember how I didn't seem to enjoy the design. I guess, I'm half correct, and half wrong.


Because I didn't know the unique tree will look gorgeous during night time. Come. Let me prove it.



So what do you think?

Merry Merry Merry Christmas!