14 December 2008

Great Photography Experience!


In just a single morning, I feel like I am a star, or I should say, a celebrity instead? Oh my. I couldn't stop myself from day dreaming when there were hundreds of photographers surrounding me. Wait. Not hundreds but about... not more than 10 I guess?

Whatever. This number has already freaking out my day - well, in a positive way. Haha... I was so nervous until I had forgotten how to be a pure egg.


Just imagine when you were being crowded by professional photographers and asked to make some poses which I had never tried of - ok, maybe in the bathroom? Shhhhhh.... keep this as secret for Curryegg, will ya?

Please..... @__@

Promise me or don't else... puff!

Of course I brought my Pink-eggie (my lovely camera) along so that I couldn't secretly snap a few photos during the photography process and the above photo is my favourite pick among all. Oh my, I have this photography skill too? Muahahaha...

Ok. Please Curryegg, control yourself. You are acting weird today.

*pinch my legs and hands*

I managed to snap a few photos of me and May when we were back to home after the session. God bless us for the sweet moment.

Where are those photos during in the session you are asking?
Emmmmmm..... I need to patiently wait for the photos and will grab from the photographer teams whenever they are ready. Maybe I will post them (if those photos are nice. Adoiiiiiii... I am worrying now. Will I look like an egg?)

Touch wood!

Oh ya,
oh ya,
oh ya....

Today is my lovely best buddy's birthday and I am lucky enough to be able to have the photography session with her. It is our first experience and I am going to treasure this sweet-excited-moment wit her. I am spending my time with her and we are together right now. Lolx... Been lucky enough to be able to celebrate her 21st Birthday since 0000 till 2359 (which mean later). Kekekekz...

I am lucky to have you as my friends and may God bless the rest of your days with happiness and wealthiness. Hugs. You are still the best soul mate I have ever had.

Thank for the sweet time and I love you!