16 December 2008

When Egg With Mamak

Holiday is always the happiest time for a student like me.
There will be no early alarm clock, no traffic jam, no class, no exam, no assignment, no activity and no no no... whatever it is.. no no no...


I am so enjoying my life right now.
Please, don't take away my holiday from me...

Oh ya..
This is my new puppy - Baby Whiffer. Mamak is so kind. She gives it to me as my early Christmas present. Ahhwww.... isn't it cute?

Thank Mamak... muacks.
I love you and Baby Whiffer!

I have been spending nearly 4 days with my best buddy, Mamak since last week and those days are wonderful. It is as happy as playing in the fun fair. Beautiful memories are created and we shall never forget them. We know, it is so hard to get the right time to spend time with each other ever since we left school.


Last Sunday was her birthday and unexpectedly it is my first time celebrating her birthday. Oh my God! I wouldn't know if you didn't remind me - dear Mamak. No wonder it feel so... awesome!

Whatever it is, I am here with you before, during and after your birthday. Aren't you be happy? hahaha...

*she is sitting beside me right now while writing this*


During her birthday, we went to a Korean restaurant and celebrated her birthday with her family. I was so excited as it is my first time celebrating her birthday and my first time dinning in a Korean Restaurant. Well, I love food especially spicy food!


I couldn't stop myself from eating once the food was served (after I took a few pictures of those dishes - Sound better Simon? hahaha..). All I could hear was my stomach drummed , insisting me to feed it immediately.

This is one of my favourite dish.

Right now, I am facing when-egg-with-mamak moment. It means that we are having the most craziest moment, again, like before. Oh my. I wonder how I will be after this. Lolx..

Happy birthday again Mamak.
I want those piglets, can?