02 December 2008

The Most Natural Face Search 08

Finally, I've edited all the photos and video clip and now it is the time to share my experience with you. If you still remember in my previous post on Seriously I'm Impressed, my friend Cynthia was crowned as the winner of the night. Well, she deserves it as she has a real natural face.

Congratulation again dear!

So I was invited and as usual, I will be busy snapping photo through out the event. - that's the best part of being a blogger sometimes. Lolx...

Jaya One is where the event being held.

And here are the 10 lucky-talented-participants. I love their photos and the theme - Natural.

It is sponsored by Living Nature company.

This program is sending the message in reminding the people to be aware of the environment issue. Of course, it is something to do with global warming issues, recycling project and human awareness. Talking about this, I start to recall my Biology and Chemistry classes during in my secondary time. I remember how my teachers were trying to educate us to love the Earth more.

Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), Carbon Monoxide, Cyanide, toxic and other chemical substances which harm our earth, especially the ozone layers. Don't worry Mr. Wong, Mrs Ooi, Mr Lai and Mrs Vickness, I still remember your teaching... :)

Generally, this project is good and I kinda enjoy it a lot as it emphasis on natural beauty - not the fake one with a lot of thick make up. In addition, the costumes are unique too and I love the design! Credit to the designer.. :)

Like any other competition, this The Most Natural Face Search competition has its own voting system too. I am not sure how many percent it stands in determining the winning point for the contestants, maybe 40%?

Well, I'm happy if I can do something to help my friend - Cynthia.
Eric's and mine votes fell into Cynthia's box for sure. Shouldn't I? :)

This girl has her own beauty, both outer and inner. I believe she can do well if she is in the entertainment industry. Ahhhwwww... I want her big-attractive-eyes... can? can? :P

Simple T-shirt doesn't fail to show her beauty and I'm impressed again... :)

This was their first action- spreading happiness to the audience. Each of the contestants gave a way a few cool items from the sponsor to the audience and I got one too. Guess what? It is a bottle of spray which is made by water, garbage enzyme and jasmine flower. Wow! That's special. Garbage enzyme?

It can remove odour and dissolves toxic air. Wow wow!
Have a look at their website if you're curious!

10 contestants on the stage with their green theme.

Guess what? This is Cynthia's supporters - family and friends. Ahhwww... I'm so envy... She must have a good bunch of friends. Do include me as well. haha..

Here are some photos on the performances.

The hot jazz dance.
Lovely High School Musical Song..
Dear Cynthia and her partner. I should say, their singing are the best so far and I can prove my statement. This is the video clip.

The hot guy with his dance - which had attracted lot of girl's attention especially the female judges. Haha...

The lotus origami contestant.
Another singing from the guy- solo this time
There is even Yoga performance!
Sign language performance

They had the Q&A session too and happy to witness how Cynthia delivered her answer well. I'm proud of you dear!
And her costume is so outstanding! Orangy, I love.. :)

After the Q&A session, there were a few local artists who came to entertain us. I love their singing!

I like his necklace.. :)
She look hot! :D

Kelly Tan - Miss Astro 2008
*Same name with me.. :P*

So far, I noticed there are 2 people who share the same name with me. One is the founder of this project (Kelly Lau - if I'm not wrong) and the other one is Miss Astro (Kelly Tan).

When it was the time for the prize giving session, Cynthia was first announced as the 2nd runner up which shocked us the most - the supporters. We believed in her that at least she could get the first runner up. Maybe luck wasn't there for her, I thought.

But, something extra-ordinary happened and Cynthia's 2nd runner up prize was being pulled back when the 1st runner up winner was being announced. Instead, she was being replaced with RM1000 and a classic makeover mini cooper - the winner!

You could see her stunning expression. Surprise surprise!

So here are the winners - Congratez to all of you!

Soon, the media took place and they are the stars of the night! Lolx..

Lucky enough, I managed to snap a photo with her.. and her mini cooper on her hands.
haha.. :D

Anyone who is interested to participate in this search in the next chapter, you can sign up and be the next nominee. I did think of signing up in this program since it is meaningful and it is about natural beauty. Somehow, the idea has been erased by me. I guess, I'm not that confidence enough.