19 December 2008

The Very First Album Of Mine

The very first album of mine?
Lol.. it sounds like I'm doing sound recording here. hahaha...

Don't be shocked by my title. I am not releasing any singing album nor MTV album. Haha.. It is just a photo album of mine. Got cha!!!


If you still remember, I did mention about my very first photography session with Eric and his gangs. It was such a wonderful moment and I enjoyed it a lot.. Yeah.

"I Really enjoyed the time a lot as May and I knew nothing about the total of 10 photographers lor...."


Why oh why Mr Lo never told me earlier. May and I were shaking while walking to the group of professional photographers in the garden. It is a big number for both of us. that was our first session plus we never met them before... isk.. isk.. isk.. Mentah-mentah la bully people..


From Eric Lo in his Curryegg's Album.
(What a funny nickname for his album.. hehehehe...)

Photos from: http://chyanneinc.multiply.com
Looking for a good photographer? Get Eric in his website.
(Lol.. Eric, are you going to treat me for advertising you here? hahaha... joking..)


So, what do you think? Do I look like an egg here? Haha.. I purposely wear something yellow. Thank May for the idea..


I might not be a good model, but I enjoyed being a model. Why? Haha.. Firstly, I can get free professional photos. Secondly, I can make new friends. Thirdly, I can get good service from the photographers - they carried my bags and water bottle through out the whole photography session. Seriously, I felt so paisheh... But then, I really appreciate their helps and photography spirit a lot.

Thank all the brothers and sister.... :)
You guys are so friendly and hope to meet you again.

I shall wait for other's work. Oh my. I can't wait..