27 December 2008

I'm So Jealous Of Her

I might sound a bit bitchy here but who don't when your best friend is more attractive and talented than you? She seemed to grab all the attention from the people. While me?
Emmm.. just an egg.


I'm so jealous of her!!!
I'm so jealous of her!!!
I'm so jealous of her!!!

Oh my.
Why am I so over reacting?

I'm just joking and I'm not jealous of her. Instead, I admire! Yeah. I really really really admire her so so much and dear, hope you don't mind as I take you as my topic today.

*I know I'm going to get her call after this*
*smack myself for being so bad*

P/s: Sorry ya, May. But seriously, I really wish to write something about you.

If you still remember, May, my best friend who has been appearing in my blog for quite several of times, she is the girl who I mean earlier...

May May

Isn't she incredibly hot?
I thought I am the one who should be hot and spicy? Curryegg ma...

Lolx.... XD

At the same time, she can be perfectly sweet and lovely.

Besides her natural beauty, she is a good cook too. She can cook pasta, cawanmishu, cheesecake, Chinese soup and.. and.. more! While me? mee maggie, goreng telur, sandwiches, peanut butter. Sigh...

Pasta which she made for me!!!

Ok la. I am not that bad actually. I can make soup, fried fishes, water egg, fried vegetable, curry chicken, and anything a mother will cook. Don't believe me? Well, I shall prove it one day.. :P

By the way, she can be as nerdy as me. HAhahahaha..
I love this photo a lot!


P/s: Anyone interested in her? Contact me.

I'm going to be in big trouble.. :P