12 December 2008

No No For STOP

Sometimes I wish to be some one else.

Someone who is more beautiful.
Someone who is more talented.
Someone who is better than who I am today.

Sometimes I wish to own more money.

Buy whatever I want.
Do whatever I can.
Fix whatever unfixable with cash.

Sometimes I wish to have super power

Help whoever I want.
Fly wherever I want (without AirAsia)
Play whatever I want to play.

I wonder, will my life be much better than now?
Yes. I wonder.

Shall I give up and pursue something I have never thought of? Something unreachable before this? I guess I will as long as I'm not spoiling myself and people around me. Wait, I don't mean gaining super power. I can't imagine myself being like superman, cat woman, iron man nor vampire. Uh.. I like Twilight!

The road seems to be so long but I shall not give up until the end of my last breath. So are you my friend. Never give up until we shout the word: