18 December 2008

Togetherness In White Chritsmas

Walking down the street, I was stunned when I noticed the three of us were wearing the same colour of shirt as I was getting nearer to Mrs Jo's car. We gave the same expression.


P/s: Mrs Jo is my secondary school teacher. Ahww.. How lucky I am when we are still keeping in touch with each other. It is very rare that a teacher will spend time with her student even we had graduated. Well, Mrs Jo, you are special.. Thank you teacher!

"Oh my God!
We are so connected!"

You will never believe how coincident it was if I didn't snap this picture. Oops..
I mean if there wasn't a guy helping us to snap this photos.

Thank you for your kindness - to the couple who are willing to help us.

Do you believe in me right now?

*wink* ;)

OK. This isn't our house. It is in Ikano - a shopping mall. I love the design a lot - simple, comfortable, homely and christmas-y. Mamak, Mrs Jo and I met up and decided to spend time together in Ikano. We planned to have lunch and window shopping in that mall.

As usual, Curryegg without a camera is too rare. Thus, here are some photos of us with white theme. Oh my. I'm so loving this!

White Christmas......

Mrs Joanne is such a caring and friendly teacher and both Mamak and I love spending time with her. Sometimes, I do feel lucky to be able to know her. She is nice and lovely. Recalling back my secondary school memory, it is so sweet and wonderful. The bond between the teachers and students were good and I enjoy those memory a lot.

I just so in love with white theme - snowy.....

I should wear long jeans instead in order to match the theme. Now it look more like a summer theme..


Next time, next time..

I do wish to make a snowman ever since I was small. I wonder, when will my dream come true?

Seriously, I really love the decoration in Ikano Power Center. I feel warm and home... Well, this is much better than my home. Ahhhhwww...... can I own all of these?

I mean...including the Christmas tree and soft toys?

I want the bears!
I want!
I want!

It will look even better if there is fire - more real..

So far, I love this Christmas decoration. I know Mrs Jo and Mamak love this too right? Haha... Finally, we get to have group photos - the three of us!

Haha... We are so lucky.

Right now, I can't wait to meet up with you girls in the next gathering.

"Teacher, teacher.. when ah mau meet up? Lolx..."