04 December 2008

Welcome N - eggie

This is the thing which makes me nervous since yesterday.
Ok. I mean... 'made' - should be a past tense since I'm not nervous now. In fact, I'm excited! Trill!

Finally, my new darling has reached my hands and he has been named as N-eggie. Welcome to the Curryegg's family. You're so cool and gorgeous. I've fallen deeply in love with you.

N-eggie is actually from the N series family. His species is N96. N96?

It's N96, 9-6, 9-6, 9-6, eh eh...

My wackiest post has won me a brand new 3G phone and I'm so grateful. I have been wishing to get a 3G phone since ages ago and finally, my dream comes true. Thank Nokia, thank Nuffnang. I love you.

I had been to the Nokia Center yesterday and redeem my pressie. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

That is the reason why I was so nervous yerterday.

And I finally got the chance to meet up with Soon Seng, the another wackiest post writer. Happy to meet him yesterday as I managed to solve my unfinished puzzle.

One of my early question was, "Are the raw chicken on the road real?"

I was afraid I might be wrong since this scene is so rare. Well, he told me, "Yes. They are real!"
So, here we are with our brand new N96 phones.

Right now, I've a big task needed to be completed on this coming Saturday - the big racing day! Oh my. I am extremely excited as I have no ideas on how it will be.

Will they ask us to dance on the street?
Walk in the drain?
Steal bras and panties?
Sing on the stage?



I can't wait for this Saturday..