08 December 2008

The Ultimate N96 Race

Couple of days ago, May and I had attended the Nokia N96 race in Kuala Lumpur. It was a result of winning the most wackiest post in Nuffnang and two lucky winners were selected to attend this 'amazing race' of Nokia. I am one of the winner and I'd invited my buddy, May to join the race with me.

Thank dear for spending your day with me.

So, we were there in Bon Ton before 8.30am. Seriously, we were too excited and couldn't sleep well the night before the race. We were not busy planning strategy to win the race (for a new N96 phone and 2 tickets to Phuket). Instead, we were worrying for not be able to reach the final line on time or worse, lost. Being Penang girls who have to explore KL roads are disadvantaging. And hard.

Hard as in hard... :(

We reached there early and met up Soon Seng and Jolene. Happy meeting them and had breakfast together. They were the participants too or should I say, competitors??? Haha..

The representative of Nuffnang.... :P

Breakfast was provided - Nasi Lemak.
I was lucky to get an egg with double yolks. It must be my lucky day and it was.. :)

Before the race, there was a briefing on the do's and don'ts.

Each group was given a handbook. 5 tasks are stated in there and we had to complete all of them.

In the 1st task, we had to play one game in Virtual Holiday Arcade with a minimum requirement: complete 1 level of the game. One level? It must be either Street Fighter or Percussion Master.

I picked the Street Fighter and the whole process had been recorded. Trust me, you wouldn't know it was me if you were there. I looked like a complete different person. Oh my... :(

Next, we had to snap a few photos in Nokia center in Low Yat Plaza. Tough as we were running all the way.

Task 3 was so far the problematic one - Buy a CD with the artist whose name starts with the alphabet "N", or find a band whose name consist the word "Nine" or find a band which consist of 6 members or elements of the number "6".

We were required to visit the Speedy shop in Jalan Bukit Bintang. However, the shop wasn't open yet when we reached there. As a result, we had to move to the next task - look for Malaysia's famous handicraft centre in Jalan Conlay.

Seriously, May and I had never heard of any Jalan Conlay so far. We had to asked the people around that area for the road and at the same time following the map in Nokia N96.

I shall say we were lucky to be able to bump into KY and Ringo in Pavillion. We followed their footsteps (although KY took us the wrong road at first.. haha..). Anyway, we reached there safely and completed task 5 together.

Ringo's and Ky's back

Seriously, it was fun after that because May and I were enjoying the whole journey - like a tourists. Haha... We don't want to waste the 'togetherness moment' between me and may and we wanted to create a memorable Vines using my Nokia N96. So, we snap pictures and recorded a few video clips using both main camera and secondary camera while adventuring Kuala Lumpur. It's cool as it was like an 'Amazing Race!'.


Oh ya. Did I mention about Task 5? We were asked to visit Standard Chartered building at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. We have to randomly take photos of 5 people from the public who use Nokia device. That's mean we had to snap photos of those people who used Nokia phone. It was fun because.. emm.... we did a few trick there. HAha...

Shhhhh..... tak mau beritau.. :P

Soon, we went back to the Speedy shop and bought a CD of Nelly Furtado. May had to capture the whole process using N eggie.. :)

At about 12.05pm, we reached Bon Ton.

It was a 'sad moment' when I heard David Lian said....

"Why so late?"

Ok la. It was not a sad moment. Just a funny moment of mine because... we were the very very late team. Kekkez... :D

Whatever it is, May and I were enjoying the 'we' moment and the whole Nokia N96 Race. That should be the main objective right? Haha..

So, this is the winner. Sorry Bryan. I can't win the handphone for you.... :(
Grab from them ya.....

The lucky winners who win another N96 and 2 tickets to Phuket. Congratulation!

Some group pictures in Bon Ton before leaving.
Skyler and Wilson were there... :)

Wilson.. :)
The tiring look of us.. :)

Sweet girls... ^_^

We have made a bunch of new friends and that should be a beautiful memory of mine. Besides, this event has made me feel like the star of the day as every camera was spotting on us. Thank Nokia and thank Nuffnang. I am so happy.

P/s: Thank for making me run. Seriously, I need exercise as I am losing my stamina.. sad.. :(

My collection of video clips during in the event. Here are some of our tasks....
Enjoy the clips.. :)