22 December 2008

It Is Time To Wake Up

It is time for me to wake up from my long deep sleep.

I have been living in my fantasy for quite some times and I know I should wake up and move on. Time flies and I have to carry on with my life.

I'm not wasting my time for sure. I'm just doing something which I love. Something which I can never do them in my ordinary day. Never ever.

# Photos are grabbed from William's Blog.
Thank you.. :)

Sometimes, I hope not to awake from this dream - a dream which is so sweet and wonderful. But I know, if I allow myself too long in this dream, I will never be able to get up and achieve the destination which I have always wanted to reach.

Dream is dream,
Life is life.

How I hope I can connect my dream with my real life, so that I'm always in my happiest moment. Hey! Wait a minute.. why not?

We make dream, and leave with it. It is depends on whether we want to achieve it or not. How desperate we want to get it. Oh my, how can I miss a this? Silly me.

I'm not going to leave my dream aside just because of who I am right now. Yes, I am an ordinary girl, but I have an extra-ordinary mind and attitude. That's make my life unique. Yes. I'm right!

So girl, stay there and keep on creating your dream. There is no harm living in fantasy - as long as you are clear with what you want in your life.

Go go Curryegg!
I know you can do this.

There is no sky too high, nor ocean too deep - if you have the unbeatable spirit and strong motivation to move on, you can do this!