22 December 2008

So In Love With Twilight

Ever since I watched Twilight with Eric, all of the sudden I wish to have a boyfriend who is a vampire. I mean, just for fantasy of course - not real one.


Unexpectedly, Twilight has won my heart and I love this movie a lot. Whenever I close my eyes, I will think of the couple - Isabella and Edward Cullen. Oh my. Guess what, both of the actor and actress are really a perfect match. Charming and gorgeous.


Now, I wonder if there is real Vampire or Dracula on earth?

There are news on discovering real vampire in the Europe countries and I wonder are they real? I remember I came across with a documentary in Discovery Channel a month ago and there are people who drink blood as their energy supply. Their faces are pale and they have the long sharp teeth, just like a Dracula.


Whatever it is, I am so in love with this movie!