24 December 2008

No Chen Shui Bian, Yes Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan

This is my first morning, wake up without hearing any news about Chen Shui Bian and I am totally shock!

Ever since I am having my semester holiday, the name of 'Chen Shui Bian' has been monopolizing Taiwan's headline and there is no chance one will miss it.

I guess, Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan have saved the Christmas eve and become the main headline in time. In case you might be curious, it is my dad who watches Taiwan news every morning in Astro. That's why I am drawn to the Taiwan news as well.

While am dreaming on my bed this early morning, half sleep, half awake, all I could here was the Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan. Worse, they even appeared in my dream. Wua la... I guess I shall thank to the Internet for allowing me to browse the news yesterday night right at a click which allowed me to dream of them after hearing upon news.

Ahhhhhwwww..... Now I wish to have a panda...
Can I get one tonight, Santa?

P/S: Tuan Yuan in Chinese mean united. It is a great gift to Taiwan who has been waiting them for... 3.5 years? haha...

Merry Christmas!