10 November 2008

Curry+Kevin Moment

Kevin and I played like mad children. We splashed all the water around the house compound and wet ourselves like no yesterday. Lol.... That was what happen when asking curryegg to do the washing task. Mum and dad cut a few bags of herbs and asked me to wash all of them before drying it and put them in capsules. This was an extra-ordinary scene for me because the whole car compound in my aunt's house was surrounded by the leaves- LEAVES!!!!

I spent the whole afternoon, washing and drying the leaves - like a maid. Lolx... and at the same time, my mischivious cousin (Kevin) intentionally wet my hair and my shirt! eeeerrrrrr!

Of course, I shouted like an elephant (oops!) and that was when we start the WATER WAR! Muahahaha.... I heard nothing, not even my mum's yells. We just couldn't stop. The best part was we sprayed the water facing the sky and sang:

"It's raining man, hallelujah it's raining man!"

That was my craziest moment in 2008.

Right now, I just couldn't stop smilling thinking of the WATER WAR between Kevin and me. He will be leaving to US soon and I know I'm going to miss him and aunt. sigh...

My lovely cousin- Kevin...

the one who played in the playground with me.

the one who challenged in remembering the world map.

the one who plucked the corn for me..

the one who taught me who to act like a ghost...

the one who inspired me to write my first Halloween post...

and the one who.... wait.. who is this? eiks!
Wrong people pula... :P

And the one who did the make-up on my face before going to Nuffnang Halloween party. Lol... Yes. He is the guy wearing the freaky-ugly-mask. Yeeeeerrrrrrrrrr......


Nuffnang Halloween Party!!! Ahhhwwww... I haven't write that post. Tak sempat d... Emmm.. I've to start revising again for my finally paper - tomorrow!

Final paper!

I just can't wait!
Bei Shan, Shu Huan, June. I'm going to go out with you girls tomorrow. Yes yes yes!

Sorry again.. I've to postpone my Halloween post.
Wish me luck for my final paper!