17 November 2008

Can You Resist This?

I know I know..
I've been missing these few days. Don't worry. I'm safe here.

In fact, there is something exciting I wanna share with you. Something really really extra-ordinarily-super-cool incident happen. Wow!

Can you please say wow again because I can't here you here!


That's better.
(Lol.. I feel like I'm having too much of self talk in my blog. Heck!)

So, are you ready to hear my announcement in this very morning? Ok ok. Be ready and make sure you say "Wow" again!

I've a new digital camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surprise surprise uh?
I thought I won't get one that early because I've never expected my mum will buy me one. Ahhwwwwwwwww..... Mum.. thank you a lot. I really love you!

I guess she has never see the passive side of me when we are going out. For all the while, I'm the one who jump here and there, climbing the stairs, stand on the stool and whatever a blogger will do for photo shooting. Besides, I'm going back to my hometown again and without a camera, it is so inconvenient.

Honestly, being an adult (I guess I'm an adult now), I don't wanna use much of my parents money as I feel like I'm responsible to take care the family very soon. I feel guilty when mum bought me a new camera. I should buy myself.

So, right now, I'm trying to look for job and earn some money. At the same time, I hope I can pay her or maybe treat her for dinner? Emmm.....

Well, this is my new eggie-cam (new label for my camera). Oh my. She is so gorgeous. I love her a lot! It's not a DSLR for sure. Not now, but future.. :)

Let me proudly present you....

My new DSC-W170 Sony Cyber-Shot!

Ahhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwww.... I love this red. The colour is like between red and pink. Hehehe.... It is not album-T because I found out that my old battery will not fit the thin camera. Besides, album-T is using touch screen. Being a clumsy and active user, I know I can't use a touch screen gadget. It believe it will spoil easily if I'm the user.

Besides, W170 is much cheaper. It has all the features which the latest T-300/R has. Yes. I'm serious. Just the size of my eggie-cam is a little bigger than T-300. It's ok anyway.

The Sony DSC-W170 features an enviable 10.1 Mega Pixel resolution, Carl Zeiss 5x lens, and Sony's Double Anti-Blur solution. In addition, optical zoomFace Detection technology, and Smile Shutter,Intelligent Scene Recognition elicit stunning detail from special moments.

  • 10.1 Mega Pixels with Super HAD CCD
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens with 5x Optical Zoom
  • Large 2.7" LCD Screen
  • BIONZ Image Processing Engine
  • Double “Anti-blur” Solution: Super SteadyShot and ISO 3200 High Sensitivity
  • Face Detection Technology for Children and Adults
  • Smile Shutter
  • Intelligent Scene Recognition
  • New Underwater Mode adjusts white balance in water
  • In-camera retouching
  • HD Slide Show with Select Music Playback

Price: RM 1199.00 ( I got discount and it costs me RM 1099.00)


By the way, thank for your opinions and comments in my previous post. I can feel your love and care. Thank you. Don't worry, I will get my own DSLR when I'm working. I want something like KY's DSLR. lol.....

Let me play with my new toy and I will be posting more and more photos!

Have a nice day...