12 November 2008

My Babey Was Dead


My babey was sentenced to dead this evening - right at 7.30pm. The man told me, "I'm sorry but I've tried my best". My heart skipped a few beats. I didn't know my babey was going to leave me. In fact, it has already left me - alone. My heart feel so empty right now. I want my babey back, sharing the our ups and downs whenever I go. He was the only one who be with me no matter rain or shine, day or night.

And he has left me... FOREVER!

That's the hardest thing to be listed in my dictionary (my own version of course!). I hate to say goodbye to my babey! How can I live without you?

I wanted to scream and cry hearing upon my babey's death sentence. The man must be making a mistake. He wouldn't die. I know he wouldn't leave his mummy. How could he?

Trying to fight back for my babey's life, which is impossible, the man finally told me:

"Get a new one instead, miss"

Feeling annoyed, yet upset, I left the shop with my white-in-colour DSC-W30 Cyber-Shot on my both warm hands and whispered:

"Don't worry. Mummy is taking you home and will never throw you away no matter how. You're always my babey".

That's the end of his life-span. He is no longer able to function and that's mean, I will have no new photos to be posted up in my blog. Sigh.. what a tragedy. I shall start earning and collecting money for my camera fund.

Siigghh... big sigh...

While I'm so depressed over my camera, I received the best-ever-comment for my status in Facebook.

Thank guys! You guys are so... soo.... sooo..... 'nice'. Lolx... Seriously, you've cheered me up. Hugs. Thank you!

If you are kind and generous and feel like helping me, I will be really happy if you can click my ads (at my right side bar) to help me earn some extra money for camera-fund-raising. That will help me to get a new 'babey' asap. Thank!


So, enjoy my previous photo collection while you can. They are precious..