22 November 2008

Meet My Pet, PinkEggie :)

I am so addicted to Pet Society games in Facebook right now and I can't stop. If only if William, my cousin allows me to play his computer from day to night, I believe my eyes power will increase and I have to change my specs again. Anyway, I miss my computer. AHhwwww....

Right now I am still in Penang, enjoying my days with grandma. She made me lot of delicious dishes, including my aunt of course. Thank grandma and aunt. In another 2 weeks time, I know I will turn out to be a fat version curryegg. Oh my. I can't imagine it. Curry Ostrich egg? Lol..

Oh ya, come to meet my pet, PinkEggie. Cute name isn't it? I love her a lot. She is so cuttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I shall thank JXiang for inviting me to play this games. Right now, I can't stop. Shall I blame him? lol... :P

This is the first few steps before you can play the games. Oh my. I'm lucky to capture the moment because it is so cool! Emmm.... all of the sudden, I feel like I am a kids. Sigh.... :(

Ta- da!
My PinkEggie is created and I can play with her now. She is so adorable.... :D

And this is our house. Well, it is empty right now, but I can decorate it once I earn more money. Besides, I can shop for clothes for Pinkeggie and buy her food. Cool uh? Like playing 'masak-masak' lah. HAha.. Welcome to my virtual world!

The best thing is, I can visit my friends in facebook who has Pet Society account as well. I can play with their pets and at the same time sending gifts to each other. I have received a few from a few of my friends. Ahhww... They are so nice... Thank you!


Isn't that cool?
You can play games and at the same time widen your social network. I love this games! Let me play another few hours before meeting my friends later.. hehehe....


Click here if you want this application in your facebook account.



Look! I found something interesting in this games. I can actually communicate with the pet's owner (which mean my friends in Facebook). I didn't realize this function until I saw a strange envelop icon. It is fun because I don't just get reply from my friends, but gift as well for Pinkeggie!

A message which I received from my friend.

A message to my friends. Sound like a complain here.. Lolx..

And I love this lovely-dovy graphic. It doesn't fail to make me smile and happy whenever I play this games Ahhww... I love the graphic!

I can even compete my pet with my friend's pets in the stadium. Lol... That's cool and I have captured the glory moment.. kekez.. :P

The winner! Weeeeee!

Another adorable thing I love in this games is shopping time! I think I did mention this before. Well, I have captured those garments provided for my pets. I can buy them in the pet shop. Isn't that cool? How lovely they are.. but some are expensive and I still can effort it.. :(

Hat and decoration.. :D


Some decoration for the house. It is call the luxury shop. Wow.. I like the purple octopus.. :D

Last but not least, the food stall. You can get any thing here including meat, drink, cheese, vegetable, fruits and cakes!

This is the special meal of the week.

I really love the idea. It makes me feel so children.. Oopsss... Children?

Whatever it is, I love Pet Society and I am going to spend my holiday playing this. OMG!