12 November 2008

Spooky Halloween Party

Girls and boys.
When you see this Halloween post, it means that my exam has finally ended and I'm as free as a rolling egg! Wait... a rolling egg? Or flying omelet? Emm..... whatever. I'm going to have lot of fun these few weeks before the new semester begins. That's mean, I may be actively blogging during in my holiday.


That's why I love my holiday!

But... sigh... I couldn't capture and photos when my babey was dead.. There will be no photos from me in my blog after this. Sigh... sigh.. enjoy while you still can for this post. Don't miss a single photo of it... :(


So, talking about my Nuffnang Halloween Party, it was like a 'nightmare' to me. Yes. I am serious.

Firstly, I scared everyone along the way before reaching the party. I felt so guilty and sad because I really look scary when I am covered with red blood and dark eye-liner. No one see the inner part of me. Sob..

Well, that was my main purpose at the first place- to dress as scary as possible. Who wouldn't feel disgust when one's face is painted with red lipstick and white powder? Who wouldn't?

Frankly, all my make-up was done by Kevin. It was my first time my face being 'conteng' by a person - the Halloween expert. Lol... This time, we used my mum's lipstick and Kevin's mother's white powder. Haha...

Anyway, the result was nothing compare to others.... Lol..

Secondly, Halloween party was a nightmare to me because I was not allow to wear my specs.

Kevin told me:

"No ghost wears specs. Or else, you will look funny instead of scary"

I thought he was right. So, I left my specs at home and went to the party in bad eyesight. So sorry guys if I didn't respond when you waved or smile at me from far during in the party. Paisheh...

Thirdly, I was instead, being scared by others. Gosh! They look much more scary when I could only see blur images of theirs.


Sorry... steal your photo ya.. :P

No one ever wonder a sweet guy like Jeffro can turn out to be something as evil as this. Eikkss! He's really scary! No wonder he won the best costume! Congratez!!

David and Hsu Jen

I love their costumes! Couple wear! Hahaha.... and congrate for David (the skeleton guy who is trying to kill me). He won the best scary costume too!

Other than frightening look, there were girls in gorgeous and seductive costumes!!! Wait, and Cuteeeee!

Samantha - Finally we met and she's really sweet and gorgeous! Haha... Nice to meet her in the party. She came all the way from Kuching. Hope to meet her again.. :)

Ringo - Yes! Finally get the chance to snap photo with her. She is friendly and beautiful. I like her costume. Ringo, you should walk on the stage with winds on the floor... :P

Kelli - Gosh! I love her make up, wings and BOOTS! She looks absolutely fabulous . Sigh.. Didn't manage to capture her boots.. Dear, where did you get them? They are lovely... :D

Skyler- Wuoo! Skyler! Lucky enough to know her as she is such a nice girl. Glad to meet her again... :D
Diese - ahhhhwwwwww Diese! Finally we met and I am so.. so... so.. lucky! This is Diese and I've always want to meet her. Diese, wanna yum cha next week in autocity? :D

Ahhww... I've forgotten to ask her her name.. Sorry dear. If you happen to see this post or anyone of you know her, do let me know her name. Feel so sorry... :(

Jouyin- A new friend of mine who is so-so-so creative! She made her own DIY skirt! Seriously, the white skirt was made by tissue paper. Duh! Nice girl!
HAhaha... she told me:

"After this event, I'm going to put it in the toilet and use it"....

Lol... Jouyin, you've a real good sense of humour.. Can't wait to meet you again.. Make another date and discuss about Sigmund Freud.. Hahaha.. :D

Jan - Hey girl! We met again! *hugs*
Happy to meet her again. I had a great time chatting with her during in the party.

Ee Fei - The most fashionable girl in Nuffnang Halloween Party. Ahhww.. I love her fur.. Haha.. She is a real active and out-going girl. Been watching her having fun on the stage and I love her answer when the MC asked her a question regarding to who is the main sponsor for this event.

Nonchalantly, she answered:

"Nokia lor......"


Lynn- hey girl! Finally we met after visiting each other blog for few time. Glad to meet you... :D

Vvens who wore Michael Jackson costume. Lol... Cool!

New Friends! Going to event will always allow me to make new friends. Thank Nuffnang. But I've forgotten their name again. Sigh.. I shall take a notebook and jot down names and url address.. Sorry if I've forgotten your name. Do let met know if you see this...



Stephanie and Lern Lee. Happy to know them in the party. They are friendly as well and I feel close being with them. Thank you Steph and Lee.. HAha...

Well, my nightmare occured again when I edited these photos. They were so dark and I thought adjusting the brighteness will make my photo look better. It did.. but then, I notice something... really spooky.... :(

Since when Jeffro and Thomas Yap in my group photo? I didn't know it pun???

And when I took this photo with Simon, guess what?

What's that!!??

Guess who is this?
Lol... Joshuaongys. Dude... can't see your face la... :P

Dustyhawk - lol.... this is Dusty and his girl friend... :D

Jentz- emm... I'd difficulty in differentiating between him and the other 6 guys with the same mask. Haha.. tricky uh?

The 3 baby sisters.

Lol... Did we look like one?
Hahaha.. Kevin with the vodoo doll, me with my pretty doll and Nicholas with his.... 'botak doll'????

*Kif.. there is no any headless doll, ok?*

Hahaha.... COOL~~~

And David Lian - the mad doctor? Hahaha...
Anyway, thank you for the free ticket. Seriously, my cousin would never be able to attend this exciting event if I didn't get his help. Thank you David!

And... and... wait.. who is this????
Yatz? Lolx... Yes. Yatz!

Cool costume isn't he and I thought he will get the best costume because... he look so real... eikks!
Psst.... it is his real-original-shinny-hair... :P

So... here are some photos on the events. Balloons, mummies and scary people!!!

Red mummies.... @__@

Smashing pumkins!

If you wanna know more about the event, read this good post from joshuaongys. He did a real good post on it! Check this out!

Before my camera was running out of battery, I managed to capture this short video clip for the best costume nominees. They were forced to dance. However, Jeffro was hurt at that moment. Feel sorry for him. Anyway, he danced well!


I believe, you might have notice that most of my expression in every single photo above is the same - cool and sorrow face. Or maybe a little angry look? With all those red blood, rolling down my cheeks.. Emmm.....

Jolene (the winner of best costume!) and I
I just know that he is Mac's senior in AIMS. Wow! What a small world! Hello Jolene.. :)

Well, I have to be in sad mode or else, it will look weird just like this..................

I was being caught, smiling.
This is what I call scary look!


Waiting for the next Nuffnang party.
We want more!
We want more!

Tim, can you hear me?