05 November 2008

Obama, You Make Me Cry!

Sorry to say that...
I fail to study today. Shit!

Everyone takes it so seriously including facebook.

Well, who will study when Astro is showing the result of the election in US, live? Not when my dad couldn't stop screaming and yelling in the living hall when the result showed 8-3 in the first place. He thought Barack Obama is going to lose (9am in Malaysia).


How could my idol lose?
The result show: 156-338

Oh my. He's such a motivator. I am touched while listening to his speech in Chicago. In fact, his words are still spinning on my mind right now. He has made me feel like a part of them too - as the people on the earth.

I can't wait to see the changes in USA as it is the most influential country for eras. Whatever changes they make, they will definitely effecting other countries. I wanna see a more humanistic US, caring the needs of other country, understand the people and share ideas together.

At the same time, how I wish Malaysia can change too - a harmony, peaceful and productive country. When ah?

Whatever it is, I'm going to make Barack Obama my idol. Yes! He's smart, intelligent, out-spoken, loving, caring, handsome, wise and any positive values! Ahhww... and he's so sentimental. Whenever he speaks about his late grandmother, I could hear his thick, shaking voice- showing how he misses his grandmother. Besides, he really love his family and the people who have been supporting him.

Watch this video clip if you haven't:

Free video streaming by Ustream

Or enter this link for the video. You will not regret to spend some times, listening to his speech.

You're ROCK!

Because you love curry dishes right?

It's true!