26 November 2008

Memory With My Dearest Friends

I feel incomplete lately and I just don't know why.
I guess I come back too early, leaving my friends, grandma and my sweet memory behind and yummy Penang food.


In the last whole week, I was so happy as I enjoyed spending time with my grandma, aunt, cousins and friends. It was so fun and I miss those moment.

I got to meet an old friend who I have not met for years (4 years?) after the National Service programme. None of us expected to meet up as I didn't provide her a good planning. Everything happened in a sudden when I suddenly sent her a message which sound similar like this:

"Hi Jill, I am now in the island. Wanna hook up somewhere later at 11am?"

Trust me, she got choked when she read my message which was sent at 7.07am. Sorry dear.. haha.. Well, she managed to make it and agreed to meet up in one of the McDonald outlet. Oh well, it was like a dream because I had never expected to meet her on that day. It was like a dream!

Jill and I

She is still as sweet and lovely as before (and leng lui too). I remember how she grabbed lot of attention both males and females participants while in Kulim National Service center. She is popular oh... haha..

Although it has been years we stayed a part, we still manage to keep in touch with each other via SMS and Facebook. That is what I can true friend. True friend will never forget one and another, don't you agree with me, Jill?

Besides Jill, I manage to date my 5-year-no-see friend. Ahhwww... It was so hard to make a date with her ever since we left school. Anyhow, we met finally. Thank SZeL for your willingness to meet this Egg.. Lol..

SZeL and I

She is my junior back in my secondary school (a year younger than me) but then, we are clicked and still remain as good friend till now. That is what I call, true friend, again. True friend doesn't care for the gap of age. As long as we are sincere to be friend and care for each other, am I right SZeL?

Other than Jill and SZeL, I managed to meet up with a group of my ex-classmates: Jane, SioY, JX, K_Yang, S Tatt, Steph, S Khee, L Qian and Wei B. Sigh... I have forgotten to snap a picture with all of them in my second gathering.


So, here are my photos of my first gathering. Don't worry guys, my memory with you are still fresh in mind.. So, it is OK even without photo here.


Each time, whenever we are in hometown, we will organize a gathering, be it in food court or hi-end restraurant - it doesn't matter as long as we get the chance to meet. There, we will update with each other lives starting from our busy schedules, family, relationship and jokes. It keeps us in touch and at the same time strenghten our friendship bond. Frankly, I am glad to have them in my life and again, I call them as real friends.

Small blogger gathering

Here is another surprising gathering from me! I managed to organize a small blogger gathering too but there are only Diese and Cedric. Byann is in Hong Kong right now while Jess can't make it. It is ok as I can meet them some other time.

Anyway, I love this small gathering as I feel closer with my new friends. Diese and Cedric are so friendly which make me feel sad to leave early. Well, I was relief when I knew that this sudden gathering didn't stop their heart beats. Why? Haha, I sent a surprising SMS to Cedric that morning, emm.. around 7am again? Lolx..

"Ced, can we meet up today in Autocity? I've reached Penang! :)"

Lucky enough, Ced responded at the right moment and I manage to get Diese at the same time. Thank you guys for coming and I am glad to meet you. I enjoyed chatting with both of you... *hugs*

Cedric, me and Diese..

Cousins gathering

And finally, these are my two sweet 'friends' who have been cheering my days when I was in Penang all the while. Thank you my lovely cousins. I love you!!!!

Ary and Alice

  • Real friends will accept whoever you are even though without perfect outfit and fake make-up.
  • Real friends will care for you no matter where you are.
  • Real friends will be with during sorrow and laughter.
  • Real friends are real as they will be with you through out your entire life.

That's why, I am grateful to have them in my life.

May God bless you with happiness.

P/s: I am looking forward for the next meet up. Lolx!!! Can't wait!!!!! XD