18 November 2008

Emmm.... What A Day

I've reached my Penang since yesterday. I so so so miss my hometown. Miss miss Miss..
Haha... Those familiar smell and lovely people have melted my heart and I want to stay longer. I hope so.

Emm... whatever it is, I am going to play and enjoy myself here. I am not going to miss those Penang food. Yes. Never ever!


Char Kuey Teow
Hokkien Mee
Jawa Mee
Curry Mee
Lo Mee
Wan Tan Mee

At the same time, I am enjoying myself with my new toy (camera). hehehehe... I'm so loving it. Red is hot! Pink is cute! Red-pink is fabulousta!

I shall thank my cousin for allowing me to use their wireless. Right now, I am getting use to this laptop. Kinda feel weird and unfamiliar with all the system. Don't worry, that shouldn't be a problem to curryegg. I am learning right now... :P

By the way, I need your opinion on this garment.
What do you think about this?

Do I look nice?

I have been to a shop and found out this top. Kinda like the colour and design but I don't buy it because.... emm... I saw an aunt (around 40s) tried and finally bought it. Is it an 'aunty-look-top' or an universal-age-top? Kevin who was there couldn't answer me neither. I don't wanna look like an aunty at my age (and thank Michael for telling me I do look like one in Facebook. Bleekkkk)


So, what do you think readers?
Shall I buy it or nil?