24 November 2008

Finding Myself (Real Story)

My friends used to tell me I have a good personality. For example, good sense of humour, friendly, loyal, humble, positive and etc. Frankly, I am happy whenever I get positive feedback about myself from the others since I don't know much about myself from the outside.

I always believe that people who see and analyze us act like a mirror. They reflect our personality and behaviour.

Lets take an example:

If you are a happy-go-lucky person, people around you will be happy to have you as company. They will want you to be with them all the time during work, class, party and etc.
If you are a hot-tempered person, you will notice people around you show annoyance and angry faces all the time.
If you are a sweet, caring person, people will show care and love to you too.

I am saying about majority will reflect how you act, not ALL
(it has to depend on time, place and mood of others as well).

I heard about this idea before from the others and I guess they are right. I remembered how bad my temper was during in my teen world. During that period, I realized how people acted unfriendly to me. Some even afraid of me. Of course la, I am the class monitor during in my secondary school year (high school). I was too serious as I thought a class monitor should be responsible in everything and must be in strict look. Oh ya, at that was the time my menstrual cycle start operation. I guess it effects my emotion as well. Girl ma~~

Seriously, I was so strict and serious till my friends started to isolate me. I had never been so lonely. I should say, it was a nightmare to me. Once I realized how others treated me because of how I treated others, I started to stop and reflect my behaviour.

"Am I really that bad?"

"Do I really need a change?"
"How should I change?"

That was the time when I got myself self-help books and advices from my best friends. I know, No one but myself can only change my behaviour. It took about months for me to change and unconsciously, I did it. It is like a miricle for me as I thought behaviour and personality wouldn't change as they are fixed and unchangeable.

Each year, I realized I am changing and I am glad the changes are positive. I believe environment, the society, family and personal values will change behaviour and personality too. Anyway, themost influential factor should be our own values - how we perceive things and how we control our thinking. Let us call it as self-management.

Without good self management, we will lead to an unhappy life as we fail to plan, organize and manage ourselves. I realize how important self management is after attending one of my counseling course. It has taught me a lot and I shall keep them in mind and apply it in my real life.

#Conclusion: You can change your behaviour and how you treat others.

Right now, I am still wondering what kind of personality do I have and how others view it from the outside.

Can my personality been showed up in my writing?
The way I speak?
The way I act?
Or in photos or video clips?

Well, I wish to know from you.