04 November 2008

Egg Need A Change!


There are only 3 more papers to go and I am free again! Yi haaaaar!
It's HOLIDAY again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, holiday always sound positive isn't it?
Hahaha.. I don't have to be worried being called by Dr. A and summarize everything in front of the class. Seriously, I'll not be afraid to speak in front of the class if no one criticize my idea. Emmmmm......

Whatever it is, there will be another 7 days to go and I will be completely free!!! Muahahaha.. That will be the time for my daily-blog-post syndrome occurs, again. Yes!!!

I wanna be a complete internet addict, playing games, watch Youtube, read other's blog, leave comments, facebooking, MSN-ing and lazying!!!!


Ok ok..
Too much of day dreaming will make me sick. I know I will hardly concentrate in my revision if I'm losing out of control with my 'free child'. Em em... a secret code for those who know Eric Berne's theory. Muahaha.. And I know, *you* know what I mean.

(*you* is referring to my coursemates who are reading my post. Just found out that some of them really care for me. Sob... I'm touched. Thank you girls... Hugs)

There is a ton of ideas in my mind right now and I want to burst them out. I just can't wait. At the same time, I want a real good change in and on myself (inner and outer parts). But I don't know where to start? Who should I be? How to change? All I know is to make some changes. Or maybe, improving myself instead of changing?

Not sure with that....

Will be posting about my Halloween Party this Thursday (hopefully), after my Counseling Theory paper. It's hard! Wuooooo.... scary....