05 December 2007

HELP!!! Too Many Customers!

I could never believe my eyes. Before, I was complaining that I don't have customers. (here)
My Khoon Hooi counter was crowded with people. At the same time, I've finally sold garments ever since I was there for 2 weeks. Guess what? I've hit my own record in just a day.. Haha.. But.. sigh.. I won't have commission for that..

Anyway, it was such a good experience and there were Malaysian celebrities too. I met almost all the designers in a stage but unfortunately, my boss: Mr Khoon Hooi was not there due to his project in oversea (he's too busy to fly back at this moment).. sigh.. I thought I could have the chance to snap a photo with him.. Looks like I don't have the fate to meet him. Sigh..

Fashion show in Fashion Avenue 2201

Well, I've a great time there and have taken photos and video clips as well. However, I am sorry that I can't blog right now since it's late and I've to work early for tomorrow. I promise I will blog them fast and I know you'll enjoy them. So, stay tune... ;D

My colleague and I... Her name is Mira.. ;)