24 December 2007

Relaxing Moment With Curryegg

(Note: This post will be a bit long
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I believe some of you are stressing yourself with your busy schedule on how to finish your job before the end of the year; struggling in your room to rush for your assignment before the dateline; messing up your mind on how to spend your quality time with your love one during Christmas; having no idea on where to go for vacation; or maybe.... you don't even know what you're stressing about. Whatever~




Whatever the reason is, don't worry. This post will give you a therapeutic effect which can relax your mind for the whole day (especially for manic Monday).

Just.... Relax..... And smile! :D

Have you ever seen the ocean as blue as this?

Have you ever seen the sky as clear as this?

How about watching hundreds of islands conquering the blue, vast ocean? I did.

I've never been to any places as beautiful as this place where the ocean is so blue and clean. Maybe your mind will be thinking of Pulau Redang, Pahang (Malaysia) after looking at these photos:
Under the sea... ;)
Star fish.
*Twinkle twinkle little star~*
What's this? Spider fish? No?

Honestly, if I am not the one who blog about this post, I will definately fall into the trick of guessing the wrong place if according to those previous photos. HAha... I don't wish to trick you anymore. Here it is:

The Eagle! That's mean it's Langkawi!!

Last year, December 2007, I'd joined a school trip with my classmates to Langkawi for 3 days 2 nights. Of course, it was a fun, exciting trip. (if not, I won't waste my time editing my old photos and blog about it). Well, I was cleaning my photo collection some hours ago and I found these photos. All I can say is.... I MISS LANGKAWI and MY FRIENDS!!!

Langkawi is a very famous tourist spot in Malaysia. Who wouldn't fall in love with the beauty of the nature? I've fallen in love with her ever since I stepped on the land of Langkawi.

White sand, blue sea... old bridge.. Perfect combination!
I love it!
I took this while I was in the boat.
This is the ferry.

Going to a certain place without family, friends or relatives have no fun at all. You want to share your gayest moment with them no matter where you're, don't ya? That's why I love school trip because there will be a greater amount of people to go with... Like this!

The happiest moment for a guy where he will be surrounded by girlsss...

What is that?

I didn't really know exactly what kind of species are they.. but I heard they are 'ikan keli'? Em... Why we were putting our feet into the water? They said the fish will eat up our old cell. Thus, our feet will be smoother and cleaner. I am not sure how effective are they, but there were some changes before and after putting my feet... yup yup! Smoother..

Jane and I
(I love the background)

OMG! I wanna go out for the beach right now.. I wanna swim.. sun-bathing.. collecting sea-shells.. (in the middle of the night.. 2.45am?)


Am I hugging a penguin?
Mount Everest! We'd reached it ever since last year.. *pandai le*

We'd ever watched F1. Where is Michael Schumacher?

We'd been to the Bird farm. Look! I was holding a parrot! White in colour parrot! Cool!

My friends.. ohh... I miss them!
(Qian,Ghee,Jane, Rachael and me)

My big BIg BIG family! Haha...

Well, we'd even been on top of the mountain... with cabel car.. haha.. The whether was nice.. breeze... ;)
Did you see the bridge? It connects between two mounts. Scary...but cool!
See the difference? Brown colour hair and black colour hair. haha...
(Sam, Nelson, Xiang and me)

We'd even did jungle-trackking..
This is the prove... Do you see the Xmas tree? I went to Langkawi during December. Looks like time has passed so fast....
Oh... I miss them... where are you guys now?
My old old friend...
I like the background. They used 100plus tin to make it. Creative uh?
The girls photo!
A good-bye photo from us.. before leaving Langkawi...

It is always hard to say the word 'Goodbye' to those people, places or things you love. I felt so hard to take the ferry back to my hometown at that moment. I knew, my friends felt the same too because that was a 'Farewell' for all of us. After this, we will be heading to our own lives, doing our own thing. We will not spend much time with each other anymore after leaving the school. Thus, this Langkawi trip means so much to me.. even now.. and then..

Well, there was someone who felt so emotional and depressed beside a corner. I wish I could help him.. but..


Ok.. Stopped that! Give me back my jacket...