13 December 2007

Why Specs Make A Person Look Like A Nerd?

First situation:

"Curryegg, you look beautiful from your back", a colleague of mine told me this when we were on our way to work, not far away from me.

"So.... how about in front view? Unattractive?", I joked to her. Well she just smiled and we went to work together.


Second situation:

"Curregg. I saw your photo from Irene handphone and you look nice without spectacles. You don't wear any contact lens?", my friend asked me before the Fashion Avenue's fashion show.

"Really? I wanna wear contact lenses but my eyes are sensitive and I can wear any contact lenses", I answered her in a sad tone.

Third situation:

"Wanna take photo together?", another male colleague asked me during in the fashion show.
"Ok. It will be great", I nodded, taking off my specs and we had a few shoot.

"Wow. You look beautiful without specs", he said in an unbelievable voice.
"Thanks", I smiled.

Question. Why specs always make a person look nerdy and unattractive? I thought they are fine and it's still the same person as he/she is. Why wearing a specs will look so difference? I mean what's the BIG deal?

Guys. If you do prefer girl who look attractive all the time with great eyes, great hair, great dress and great make-up , then you're just looking the person on hers 'cover' (which I really hate those people). Those people are only interested in looking to the beautiful side, I mean the perfect side. If you happen to have this kind of boyfriend, sorry to say that, just leave him. What happen if you're old and have wrinkles? He might dump you and look for young China Girl.. or Thailand instead. This happen in our society.

Honestly, I know I look nerdy when I wear specs. Of course, I wish to look attractive and fashionable all the time (Since I am a girl) but my eyes are too sensitive for any contact lenses. Maybe I should find a suitable contact lenses that can suit my sensitive eyes. Emm.... Maybe I should try these?

Fresh Look? Good idea in changing my iris colour.. Emm... make it Green... like ghost.. haha...

Anyway, I still believe personality shine through all the time. So, having a good personality and good characteristic are what we should look for, not just the girl who wears SPECS. Please, see me in both inner(physical) and outer(personalities): Don't judge me just from my cover. Unfair! I am still look attractive although with my specs. HAha...

Took this photo during the fashion show. Everyone was busy snapping models photo but I..... busy snapping my own photo. haha...

P/S: I was laughing when some of you commented that I look beautiful in my Fashion Avenue 2201 post. Maybe you wanna change your mind after looking at this photo? HAha.. I don't mind.. ;)