01 December 2007

What? Fashion Avenue 2201??

Reaction from the Malaysian.

"Fashion Avenue 2201? What's that?"
"Ahh? The expensive shop ar?"
"Ohhh.. all those 'Barangan Buatan Malaysia'. (made in Malaysia)"
"Run away!!!"

Here are some reactions that I've found out from the Malaysian while working in there. Most of the time, it will scare people away. Is that so scary? Haha... I guess it is.

Honestly, Fashion Avenue 2201 is a cool place to those who love designer's work. Most of the hottest designers are congregating here and you don't have to waste time visiting every designer's shop since they are all connected. Everything from the head to the toe you can find them here; Hair pins, dresses, jewelleries, bags and shoes.

Who are they? (Will blog about them some other day... )
  • Khoon Hooi
  • Daniel Chong
  • Donna C
  • ThirtyFour
  • Nazleen Noor
  • Mira Zarna
  • Tsen
  • Villiam Ooi
  • Noor Arfa
  • Lester Wong
  • Venie Tee
  • Von Jolly Couture
  • Winner Liew
  • Mira Zarna
  • Karl Ng
  • Jonathan Cheng
  • Scott Chu
  • Terrenz
  • Doreen Tan
  • Bonz
  • William Liew

Well, I do sound like promoting the boutique right? HAha... I am not actually. But I am spreading the news to everyone one earth who want to look unique, gorgeous, stylish and funky, Fashion Avenue 2201 is the right place for you. Basically, I feel proud with the idea of gathering 24 Malaysian designers under one roof. This is a clever way in promoting Malaysian designers products especially to the Malaysian (since most of us prefer foreign brand like Nike, M&G, Nose, Prada and etc..)

Being here for two weeks, I've learnt that most of the Malaysian don't know anything about these famous fashion designers who exist for a long time. Most of them are expecting for cheap prices for every items in the boutique since they are only "Barangan Buatan Malaysia" (made in Malaysia). But I can tell you, it'll never happen. Almost everyone who read the price tag will get shock and leave the place immediately.

Well, I feel that those prices are worthy since there are limited edition and you might not get it in other time or place. Everything here is different if compare to other commercial brand like Padini, Roxy, Seed, Giordano and etc.

You should visit this boutique by yourself and have a look. And the good news is there will be a fashion show in 4th December 2007 in the boutique at 7pm (2nd level). You might meet those designers and sexy models. To those who are interested, do make a plan and I shall meet you there.

P/S: I will try to snap the environment here during the fashion show and of course, those designers too. Hopefully... :)