03 December 2007

Do Beauty Come With Brain?

Ever wonder why most of the girls prefer beauty more than intelligence?

Well, beauty brings hundreds of advantages to a girl. For example, girl who have beautiful features will steal lot of attention from the guys. Then, she will get free ride, free meals and free gifts (haha..) While shopping, she will easily get discounts or good service from the male staff. Next, beauty do allow a person to become famous or popular easily if she is into being a artist, singer, model or etc. Isn't that great?

Since beauty brings such a big benefits, most girls try to doll themselves up to look attractive all the time. That's why, make-up products such as M.A.C, Dior, Loreal, ZA and Clinique are mushrooming now in the market. Besides make up products, stuff like clothes, shoes, bags and accessories are facing the same evolution too. Companies like Nose, Vincci, Gucci, Prada, Guess, Padini, Edwin and MNG are setting out to conquer the world.

I start to realise this phenomena while I am working in the boutique now. Before, my mind was on books, bookstores (like MPH, Popular, Kinokuniya and Times) and stationary. I was a nerd before. Haha...

Ok. We are now entering into my main question. Do beauty ever come with brain?
Some of you might say "Yes", some of you might say "No". As for me, I answer both "Yes" and "No". Ever since I've started to work, I have bumped into loads of beautiful girls but sorry to say that, they are not being wise enough in certain things for example knowledge, courtesy and you name them. But, some girls are come in package: talented yet beautiful which I admire a lot.
Let me give you some examples.

Jennifer Lopez
Who never heard about Jennifer Lopez or J. Lo? She is the richest in Latin American. She is an actress, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, fashion designer and television producer. Guess what? She's the richest Latin American and most influential entertainer in American. Of course, she has won numerous of awards since 1999.

Gong Li
The best actress in China. She first came into international prominence through close collaboration with Chinese director Zhang Yimou. She retains a very strong popularity in most Asian countries and is prized for both her talents and beauty. What an seductive Asian woman she is. Besides, she is a singer too! ^^

Joanne "Jo" Murray
(J K Rowling)
I know, some of you might be shock when I choose her as the example. Anyhow,I don't mind. In my heart, she has both beauty and brain as well. Just see how successful she is when she parlayed Harry Potter into an international brand. I've a collection of her books and I should shout "Bravo" to her. I've never read such a great collection of books before.

Natalie Portman
It's rare to hear such word from an artist. Maybe some of you might not know her. How about Star War? Well, Natalie Portman is a famous artist who filmed several movies including Star War before. Of course, she has too won quite a number of awards for example Supporting Actress Golden Globe. To my amazement, she was a straight a student who was graduated from the Harward University in psychology.

Her latest movie.. Mr Magorium's. I love her a lot!

"I'd rather be smart than be a movie star", she told to an interviewer before. Don't you think it sound so sweet from her? It's true. Education come first before others.

Vanessa Mae
Another talented woman who is an internationally know British classical and pop musician, especially noted for her violin skills. I believe her skills do impress lot of people out there with her "violin techno-acoustic fusion" style. I love her!

Maria Sharopova
A famous, beautiful Russian professional tennis player who has been in rank no 1 for single in (22/8/2005) and rank 41 for doubles (14/6/2004). To win a games, he or she should have good skills and the right strategies. So, it does use the brain. That's why I choose Sharopova as my last example here. I can't take my eyes off whenever I saw her in the TV or magazine. Oh ya. She has signed with IMG Models in November 2003. Uhhh.... she has all the luck.. ;)

Somehow, I will never choose Paris Hilton as my example here. Undeniably, she is beautiful. But.. for the brain part.. I am not sure since she is rich and she can get everything from her dad. That's why she has her own brand for perfume, becomes a model and now, she has published her own book.

Anyway... I believe most of you have heard things about her and it's unnecessary for me to blog about her. Am I right? Lol...

So, tell me.
Do beauty come with brain?

Or who are those examples that you want to share it here. I would like to share them here.