24 December 2007

X.... X.... Xmas?

Ho ho ho....
Merry Christmas everyone...
Santa will send your present to your house soon, this midnight.

Lol... I don't.

Wow... So many Santa?
Santa? A Beggar?
His helpers? I think I've uploaded the wrong photo. This should be the bra advertisement..

I am a grown-up girl.. won't be tricked easily. But I prefer to believe 'Choi San Yeh' instead of Santa... haha.. wealth is better than present. What a materialistic girl I am.. oopss..

The Chinese God of Wealth~

I am not a Christian but I have the 'Christmas Mood' right now. I am thinking how to celebrate it; starting from what should I wear for tomorrow (25th Dec), where will I go, what should I buy and etc... etc.. I don't know why I am so excited. I've spent hours making this song playlist from imeem. It's cool to have these collection of Christmas songs in my blog right now. I love them and I hope you will feel the same too.

(Keep the mood for Christmas!)

Now, I am hoping to snap a photo will Mr.Santa.. I mean those who immortalize him in shopping centre. Haha... And I wanna see white Christmas tree... Ya.. I mean White.. Don't you think that white Christmas is more beautiful...

If compare to....

I took this while I was working there.. Kinda miss the moment..

Too autumn feel.. It's complicated in the way they arrange the decoration. Anyway, I like the leaves.. ;)

Anyhow, forget those fake Santa. Forget those deceration. It's Christmas and we shall make a party right now.

Merry Christmas my friends! And Happy Holiday.. ;)