26 December 2007

Buffet Tips

Curryegg had a fun time yesterday during Christmas.
I've finally been to Shogun Restaurant in 1 Utama with Eric. It is a Japanese buffet, just like Saisaki.

In Shogun (just like Saisaki), you will get to eat variety of sushi! *Tumbs up*
Besides, there is tempayaki where you choose whatever raw food you one (as provided), put on a plate and let the chef to cook for ya. Yummy.... Other than that, there are soup and porridge too. There are dessert including fruits, cakes, ice-cream, and cocktail. *Tumbs supper up!*

Eric and I took 2 and a half hour for the buffet. Just imagine, how much food we've taken. Well, if you wanna take in as much food as you can during buffet in order to get your money back, here are some tips that I've discovered.

  1. Empty your stomach for at least 4 hours before entering the buffet. It will be better if you can starve for a day. Muahaha...
  2. Choose food that's not too oily; or not too cheesy; less mayonnaise; not too creamy during your first round. Instead, take something light for example sushi. After that, you can start picking up some fried food but not too much. Or else, you will ended up, sitting on the chair motionless for few hours.
  3. Take sour food for example 'tom yam' soup, ice lemon tea and etc... this will help to digest your food in a faster rate.
  4. Walk around if you're too full. Don't just sit on your chair.
  5. Drink less drinks. This is to leave some rooms for your food, not drinks.
  6. Don't be too greedy. Don't take too many food if you know you can't finish them. Or else, you will end up paying an extra bill for the unfinished food. (Keep in mind)
  7. If you really happen not being able to finish the food which is on your plate, try this: hide on the tissue box, under the plate, put in your bag, under your table and chairs, or table cover.. just like Mr. Bean.. kekekzz.. Or you can just chew some part of the food, messing up your plate just to trick the staff that you've eaten them.
  8. Extra tip: Put some tissue on the plate. It will show that you don't one the food anymore and let them clean the place for you. *wink*
I believe some of you might have a better idea than me. Share it with me. I will be very glad to hear from you.. ;)

Bonus: Funny video clip from Eric. He was actually too full and hardly move. I called it as 'suffering'.. haha.. This is how a too-full-guy look like during in the buffet.