16 August 2011

Eggie & Piano

I have always wanted to update my blog but it seems like it’s kinda hard for me to do so at the moment. Currently need to deal with a big task but wanna take a break by blogging a short post. So “Hi” everyone here =)


Just last week, I went to my cousin’s house and played with my 2 active nephews. You can call me an aunt, nanny or babysitter if you want. Lol..


Well, my time with them were well spent. They have taught me a lot from their sharing of personal views through playing. Children know clearly on what they like and dislike. Just most adult will rarely treat their needs seriously.



So, back to my main sharing. Whenever I visit my cousin’s house, I will get attracted with my nephew’s piano. Well, I do have one at home but it is an electronic piano and it is off-pitch by now. The feeling of pressing the key on keyboard and sound produced from the electronic piano is different compare to real piano. Probably it is already 18 year-old++ and need maintenance.




I couldn’t stop myself to play on his piano (although both of them kept on complaining me for not playing with them). Plus, I brought almost all my favorite piano scores to their house this time – including my Lee Hom’s piano book.. =D


I had made a record of myself playing the song, ‘My Heart Will Go On’. This song was composed by my former piano teacher (who used to pinch my hand and stomach for not practicing well) but I could only remember half of it.


So, here it is. Hope you will enjoy it. Have a nice day =)



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