03 April 2009

The Scenery In Port Dikson

Sorry if my previous post: The Obscene Answer- Penis? had increased your blood pressure or slowed down your breathing rate. I don't mean it. The idea just came across my mind once I read all the comments you left me. Emm... Should I blame you in this case?


I am just joking. The post is just for the sake of fun. Since the first day of April is meant for fooling each others (for good of course). I am glad if I had fooled you during that April Fool Day..

*big big grin*

So, come back to my sharing and I am putting my serious mode. I can't wait to share my discoveries through my photos. It is about my trip to Port Dikson, Negeri Sembilan which is not far from Malacca.

My family and I were there for a short trip not long ago. I had a great time spending some wonderful hours beside the beach just by sitting and watching the playful water. The weather was fine and I was blessed with the presence of wind.

I remembered how my dad and I had almost fallen asleep on our seats when we were in a restaurant which is located besides the therapeutic beach. I felt like I was being hypnotized.

Look at the scenery. Beautiful, isn't it?
I am glad to be able to witness the moment... :D

Besides the scenery, I like this place too. Wait. What is the name of the Restaurant? Gosh! I have forgotten to jot it down. Bad me.. Nevermind. I will remember it next time.

The food, the atmosphere and the services here were not bad. Besides, there was a 'mini zoo corner'. Of course, I mean the seafood which I had showed you earlier in my previous post, remember? hahaha...

Last but not least, the ladies was clean and that had encouraged me to do some 'cam whoring activities'.
What a miss! =)

That day seemed to end very fast. I guess it is true that happy moment ends fast. That trip has frankly boosted up my productivity in class again as I am no longer feeling stress. I believe in nature bring therapeutic effect to human who are willing to spend some times with it. If you are stress with work or studies, take a break and make a small trip during this weekend. I believe it will help!

So, enjoy your weekend my dear readers. May you have a great, wonderful time with your family, love one or both. See ya~