07 July 2010

The Wedding Dinner

One of the main incidents that a photographer or a blogger worry most is when he or she forgets to bring along a CAMERA.


Well, maybe not everyone but I believe it is MAJORITY of us!


Last Saturday, it was my cousin’s wedding and it was so happening. It was held in a hotel, at Butterworth, Penang with various performances. I, of course dressed up  like attending to a prom night. Where and when can I be like a princess, right?

Ok lah.. maybe not a princess. How about a pretty woman? haha..

 Admit that I look fab in this dress =)


It was a real good place to updating each other with my hard-to-meet cousins and relatives because most of them are there too! But, the most unbelievable thing that ever occurred on me during in this big day is that.. I’ve forgotten to bring my camera!!


I’d tried my best, looking for my camera with the hope that it might slipped off somewhere in the car or bag. Disappointment took place when I failed to find my pinkeggie. Worse was when my parents gave me a long lecturer for the clumsiness.. =_=


Anyway, I was lucky that my N-eggie was with me with full charged battery.


Lesson: Always bring your camera phone with you no matter where you go. Else, you will miss out owning all these beautiful photos with people you loved.

My lovely ah kim

The brother, mother and me =)

Add in with my lovely sisters! Well, not a perfect picture but I like to see my full length of my dress with heels. Rarely see me so girly leh.. =P

Chui Phin, nieces and I – in the toilet obviously.. Do you know that toilet can be the best place to get good picture? Terms & Condition apply. lol

Feel like we're dancing… XD

These are the 2 bands that I love so much.


I had a good time at the wedding with all the lovely people (and also food!). Well, not to forget my nephews and nieces. I am used to being a part-time babysitter =____= 

Still remember this little girl? She has grown up so much, don’t you think so?


While I was watching my cousin with her husband, cheering everyone on the floor with a glass of champagne on each others’ hands with families besides them, I started to give myself a few thoughts on my future.



I realized that I am already 23 and the days for marriage is getting closer. I have no idea on when I will settle down with a wedding ring, clinging on my ring finger. And, I have no idea on whom the broom will be. Will it be Eric or someone else? Or, will I not marry at all?

Another blurry picture. What to do? My phone don’t have steady hand mode.


Those questions are still playing in my mind while writing about this. I guess, I am a few steps closer to a new stage of life. I still remember Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory on the 6th stage of human development: Intimacy Vs Isolation. Am I there?


  Ring on my finger? Oh no. Not so soon.. >.<



Anyway, congratulation again my dear cousin! God bless you and your hubby for a beautiful marriage. Love.. <3