24 July 2010

Clinique Star Tour – I’m In.

I have dilemma in blogging about this actually because a part of me urging me to sleep while another part of me wanting me to share about my new experience immediately. My eyes are half closed while and my brain is half functioning. That little thing calls ‘desire’ has extended my physical tiredness.


Listen, it is about this:


I’ve a NEW MAKE-OVER!!!!


I’ve joined Clinique Star Tour at my campus during in this afternoon (23rd July 2010) which is a real rare thing for me. Normally, I would just ignore such event because I’m shy and have low confident when it comes to ‘model search’. Firstly, I don’t have a healthy facial skin. Next, my features isn’t that outstanding (because I always think that small eyes isn’t worth attention). Plus, I don’t have that model figure.


I don’t blame myself for having such negative perception. Instead, i’m blaming the media for creating such a ‘PERFECT LOOK’  of the models, artists or celebrities in the magazine. Such images in the media make me feel imperfect.


I believe you feel the same too, don’t you?


curryme copy

Photo before the make-over (no makeup)


Having the urge to collect as much new experiences as possible in my final semester, I finally decided to take up the offer to try the whole idea after Bshan left me. We were actually hanging around in the library doing quiz and paying fine. lol..


I saw some of my coursemates while completing the form. They are letchu, rani and asha who want to have a new make-over too, starting from the hair to face. It is always awesome when there is/are friend(s)!




We are required to complete a form and pay RM30 for the make-over, skin analysis (which I didn’t really receive one), hairstyling, photoshooting and free RM150 door gift.


Seriously, I am not too sure if it is worth RM30 for the door gift because there is one small lip gloss and sample size serum. Anyway, if you are including those services which I’ve listed above, IT IS WORTH IT!



My stylish new hairstyle. Whooot!


You get a 3R (hope I’m right with the size) photo in the end of the session. Plus, if you are agreeing to participate in the CLEO magazine cover girl search, you will stand a chance for it. Also, you will appear in their website.


So, I joined and this is the result:




Frankly, I don’t think it is a nice portrait picture because of the ‘angle issue’. Or maybe I’m not that photogenic. Well, at least I like the overall make-over including the make-up and hair. So, I still think it is a good picture of me. Have to accept ma because it is Me leh.. lol..


Lakshumy, Rani, Asha and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we even did ‘extra own photography’ session after the search. Haha.. I should really share those ‘cool’ photos with you in my coming post.


curryme2 copy  Suddenly, I feel like I’m part of the Bollywood. Lol.. XD


Seriously, like very seriously. I need an emergency sleep now. There will be lotsa outdoor activities tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed. Night pep.