29 July 2010

What Colour Are You?

My coursemate, Asha has just sent this beautiful link to me and my other coursemates awhile ago. It is a COLORs Personality test and I’ve just taken it.




The result is seriously accurate (as i really pay attention and answer them honestly) which I hardly believe it. It is kinda impossible for a 10 questions test to be that accurate. Well, that’s based on what I’ve learned on validity and reliability of a test.


So, what is my result?

I’m a Yellow (no wonder I persist in using yellow as the main colour in this blog instead of sweet pink).


Yellows mission in life is to make people happy. It is the one and only thing that they do in fact, take seriously. They believe life is meant to be lived and that everybody on the planet just needs to mellow out and be more like them: happy!


They are great communicators and coordinators of people and events. Yellow are highly interactive and make great networkers. They are great in sales, because they are so charismatic. They are charismatic because they just like all people.

Out of all of the colors, the yellows are the least likely to ever be prejudice about much of anything for that would drag their happy energy down, and they are very protective of their happiness and sunshiny dispositions.


Yellows just enjoy people and basically just see people as a forms of entertainment! Yellows are busy, busy socializers and networkers. They have a big job getting everybody on the planet happy, after all. This is their strength and they do it very well.

Yellows love being around people and any job description that has the word "social" on it! The keep things "light" and when something is very serious, or intense, it will be the yellow who pops the funny one-liner that gets everybody off track and laughing.

Yellows generally can be great comedians as well. They have the innate ability to take something awful and make it funny.


Yellows love making people happy.

Because yellows are so charismatic, they can also step into leadership roles very easily.





I’m a happy person? Am I?


jump1 I seriously didn’t realize that.


So, do you think it is accurately referring to me? I’m a happy person? Hahaha.. Well, I don’t expect my new readers or new friends to agree with the above descriptions. Thus, you don’t have to feel guilty agreeing with me. lol..


Visit:  http://www.makeadifference.com/ColorsQuiz/


What I’m gonna do now is to persuade you to try this test and share me your colour in my comment box. Let see if I can collect more yellows here.. =P


Go on!

Try it and share your colour with me. I’m curious.. =)


P/s: Thank you asha for sharing this. It is a great personality test. Now I wonder, has it been tasted by strong research?