05 June 2010

My Masterpieces

Hi folks.

How are you today?



Seriously, I had another fun time at work with the colleagues, bosses and children. Although my fingers were accidently burnt by hot glue gun, again, still it’s a good experiences. It teaches me to be extra careful in next attempt and handle things more wisely.


My work needs consistency in playing with different kinds of art stuff. One of the good knowledge I have learned is, everything that is non-harmful can be a helpful art stuff. It can turn anything simple into a beautiful piece of artwork.

 masterpiece2 I know it’s not that impressive. Well, first time doing ‘boy’ thing mah. So, give face & say very good.


This is what I always believe in, creativity is the magic wand. It can turn ordinary into extra-ordinary masterpieces.


So, this is where I am now. I am learning to play with my brain in each teaching, whether it is dealing with the crafts, children’s behaviors,  parents’ pressure, workplace operation system OR my hunger. Lol.. Frankly, working at my current workplace consumes lot of energy – for the brain and body.



I wear this every time I work. Now, call me teacher.



I am not sure how much I can blog about my workplace, because I remember there is something related to the law and ethics which I should take notice. Anyway, it is not wrong to show my apron and my first artwork right? Aware me of this issue if you are a lawyer or a law student. Thank =)

Alright. Interesting post tomorrow. Promise.


Ole ole ole~~~