30 June 2010

The Buddies Day Ended

From the moment you come across with this post and seeing at this photo, I believe you know who is this lovely lady is because she is no stranger to any of my long time readers.


She is Mamak.




I just came back from hers house not long ago. I have spent my fruitful 3 days and 2 nights trip at hers house. Well, we have this culture that we must visit each others house at least once a year.


I guess, that’s how we strengthen our friendships all this while although we stay far apart. Ok lah, not that far actually. We are still living in KL.


As usual, we have good time, taking photos with each other. Not to forget good time with food and laughter too! lol…


If it is not because I have committed myself with my current part time job, I will stay for another few more days. It is such an enjoyable moment staying with hers family.

Ahhhhhhhhwww… now i miss them.. =(


Well, I can’t blog any further because Japan and Paraguay are kicking for penalty shoot. GOSH! All the best Japan!


See ya.