14 June 2010

Why I Love ItalkWhoa

If you found a magic lamp in the middle of the desert just like Alladin, what will you ask for?


Well, if I found this magical genie who can grant my 3 wishes, I will first ask for cheap call rate (free lagi best. lol). Being a student myself with low or almost zero income, I have to manage my financial use wisely. Every cent means so much to me. Maklumlah, sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit (a little saving a day leads to a big saving).




But, why call rate you might ask?


I realize that I spend most of my money on the phone. No matter how creative I am finding different alternatives to save up my phone credit, still it makes a big hole in my wallet. I need to contact my family, boyfriend, besties, coursemates and clients (for counseling) most of the time and one of the ways I use is to send sms to them.


Well, sometimes you just need to call to get instant respond rather than waiting them to reply your sms which can take ages. However, most of them are using different operator and the rate is much higher. Sigh…


Once italkwhoa is being introduced, I use their idd call service. Seriously! This is much better compare to my other experiences with Maxis and Digi. I can call from my computer to any phone whether it is fix line or mobile line. It causes 0.10sen to fix line and 0.15sen to mobile at local rate.



What you can do is sign up for italkwhoa, go into your account and find the call button on the toolbar at your right hand side.





Then a phone dialer window will show out. Next, type the number that you want and click the dial button. Then, talk you’re your credit run out. Lol..




If you are running out of credit, no fear. You can get your italk credit at any 7 eleven, petro station or any selected store. Or, you can get it via online payment. Easy pesy.



Oh ya. If you want to make prank call, this is a good choice. Lol. Don’t say you hear this from me.. =P

And, you can call the world too. There is a list of international rates which you can find from italkwhao. I should try this one day to call my cousin at US. Not till I get their phone number.



I do admit that I am a stingy person. Seriously, when you are growing up and reaching the age of 20+, the alarm bell starts to ring. The urge of being independent in almost every area of your life triggers your adrenaline glands. It creates anxiety and worried in you because you realize that you should no longer depend on your parents.


So, money is a very important element to keep me survives.



Thus, I need a good saving plan for my communication use, like this.