06 June 2010

How To Distract Your Boyfriend From World Cup.

Of late, I’ve come up with a crazy idea, again.


Guess what? I’ve invited Kenwooi, one of the very passionate blogger on Earth to blog a topic together.  Emm… maybe he wouldn’t like the phrase ‘on Earth’. How about in Malaysia instead? =)


This idea is new and first time ever happen in Curryegg’s Spicy Lounge *egg-tremely excited*


So, what you can do now is to click and load Kenwooi’s post while spending a quality time reading mine. He has blogged about: How To Avoid Your Girlfriend From Distracting You From WorldCup.


And me…


How To Distract Your Boyfriend From WorldCup.




Well, yes. This idea is totally contracting to each other. This is the fun right?


As we know, WorldCup phenomena is hitting us again. No matter where the WorldCup will be organized, a big number of girlfriends (or wives) all over the world have to face the so-called challenges all over again.



You might ask, what is the big fuss about girlfriends and WorldCup?


I tell you, IT IS A BIGGGGGGGG ISSUE. Your relationship might be at risk!!!



Dear girlfriends (and wives), imagine you have  to live in 24/7/30 (24 hours, 7 days, 1 month) with less or no sms, calls, dates and sex from your partner for 1 MONTH. Even if you manage to get his body, you hardly get into his mind.


Talking in the phone is like speaking to a mindless robot; walking at the mall is like going out with a dog (he will either obey all your instructions or bark aggressively about everything till he get back to his TV); sleeping with him is like sleeping with a 90’s old man who is always restless, inactive and no interest. Or maybe even worse, he wouldn’t be in bed with you as he spends most of  his nights at the couch.



I am sharing all these examples from my personal experiences by observing my Dad and  retrieving stories from my girl friends. Lucky to know that my boyfriend isn’t a big fans of football nor WorldCup. So, I am excluded being the Worldcup victim.


Also, I don’t have to worry whether I would offend my boyfriend nor dad because one doesn’t favour worldcup while another one doesn’t read my blog. Lol. Thus, I am safe to come up with these few ideas on how to distract your men from Worldcup!



7 Ways On How To Distract Your Boyfriend.



1. Cut the electricity during weekend.

I understand that it is hard for partners to meet up especially to those who study or work on the weekday. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you plan ahead to automatically cut off the electricity. If you guys are not staying together, invite his family members to join the plan so he can go watch movie or dine with you. Cons: You might offend his dad or brother.


2. Seduce him.

I have come across with an article on how to distract your man when he is too indulge in his work. I guess, this is applicable for this World Cup thingy?


They suggested to seduce him by wearing something sexy. Maybe lingerie? Bunny? or nurse custom.



Cons: If you fail, you might get extremely hurt and low self-esteem.



3. Burn the house.

If he spend more time with his footie mates more than you and you get so offended, final revenge: burn the house. Well, maybe not really burn the house. How about trying to make bbq party infront of his house to send some smokes in? Cons: He might get offended. Or the house might really get burnt and you will be jailed! Oopss!


4. Watch with him (and with his friends).

Maybe the above 3 points are bad ideas as the relationship might be ruined. I don’t wanna spoil your happily-ever-after relationship. Of course not. So, I have come up with this idea, watch with him.


Take the commitment to understand about football by now and learn to watch together with him. He might be happy and appreciate your commitment. WARNING: Make sure you really understand what a yellow and red cards mean or you might be in his blacklist.


More love <3


Oh.. by the way, ladies, you have good excuses to watch your favorite handsome, breath-taking male players like Kaka? Lol… =P


Or Ronaldo?

He’s hawt! Gosh. I think my dad is going to smack me.


5. Buy him surprises.

Get him tickets and fly with him to the WorldCup match in Africa. He will become so deeply in love with you if you really do that. While spending time with his hobby in real scene, you guys can have honeymoon too. Cons: You will be broke and it is hard to get tickets now.

6. Lah… just go have fun.

If nothing can really distract him, just go and have fun with your girlfriends. After all, this is your 1 month off day. So, you should really appreciate this moment to spend a good quality time with your girlfriends and families. While he is having his time, why not you too? Pros: He will be surprise and get out from the football fever faster than you ever imagine.




7. Break up [last weapon]

If you can’t distract him and can’t even find fun for yourself, well last suggest: Call for a break up. End of story.



Well, these are the ideas which I can think of at the moment. If I have offended you, the football fans, I am really sorry. I am just trying to be helpful to prevent you from being a victim like this:


Lol.. men, you just got to watch this.

Oohh… Good luck worldcup’s victims!


P/s: Remember to check kenwooi’s post (link).