14 June 2010

The First Few Days Of WorldCup

Like I have expected, WorldCup affects my life.


Well, in a good way.


Although I don’t own the main priority to watch the TV for this entire month, I still manage to see the good sides of this 4-years-once phenomenal.



You might be curious, what are the good sides that curryegg managed to see because she seemed to be debated so badly in her previous post, “How To Distract Your Boyfriend From WorldCup”.



1) Better relationship with the father.

I accompanied my dad to the nearest mamak stall that provides big screens and good speakers for football matches. Although my main objectives is because of the food (nasi lemak!) dad feels happy that her daughter is showing commitments for the father’s hobby. He didn’t say bout this but I can read his mind!



2) Less traffic during evening.

Happy to find out that the traffic is clear by the time I am driving back home after work. I believe most people are rushing back homes or nearest mamak stalls to catch those important matches. Traffic free! (at certain hour)


3) Hot guys photos.

Needless to say, newspapers, magazines, ads, posters, prepaid cards, tv news and internet news are all flooded with those football celebrities photos, like every day. Normally, these media will be filled with hot women photos, but this time.. the opposite. Isn’t that cool ladies? Grab those posters now while stock last! lol..

Cristiano-Ronaldo_0 Waiting Portugal to play.


4) WorldCup Discount.

Seriously, I didn’t know that there are so many restaurants offering discount for their special WorldCup menu. The other day, I was in Secret Recipe in which they offer RM15 with drink for Fish and Chips. 


The next day, when I was in O-town White Coffee, a staff gave me this and said:


“Hi. This is a special gift from us. Please come again”.


So I got this coupons.

Wow… Now, which restaurants and shops are doing this WorldCup offer too? Let me know, pls?


Oh ya. This is how I look like during in the first day of WorldCup. Random.


The good thing about working at my place now is, I don’t need to make up. So, being a little pale is ok as long as I don’t scare of the children and parents. lol..



These are so far what I have discovered during in these first few days of WorldCup fever. How about you? What have you found out? Care to share them here?