06 September 2009

Maybelline Cocktail Party

Couple of weeks ago, Eric and I had attended Bei Shan's party. Wait! I mean Maybelline Cocktail Party at Twenty One which was invited by Bei Shan, my dear coursemate. She has been selected as one of the top 10 contestants for this Maybelline Face Search contest - Simple Fabulous.

This contest is similar to Malaysian Dream Girl or American Next Top Model in which there will be a reality show behind this search. Every week, there will be an assignment which needs to be completed within a period of time. In the end of the show, a winner will be picked based on their performance and rewarded with a trip to New York. Or maybe signing a one year contract with a famous magazine company?

Yoh! Cool man!

Well, I am not too sure with the prize. All I know is, my friend is nearing to her dream-come-true-goal. She has been wanting to be in a reality show ever since she was in secondary school and now... she is in! Bravo girl. I am so proud of you for taking these challenges. Really, really proud of you.. :)

I would like to thank Bei Shan for inviting me and Eric to the Maybelline Cocktail party which was held in Twenty One, Kuala Lumpur. It has been ages I didn't go for any event, not even Nuffnang blogging event of late. Thinking of she needs support from us, her friends, I am more than willing to attend the party.

Love this place, Twenty One bar.
They served good drinks.... <3

This is so creative. I thought the lips mark was real until I touched it myself.

Eric and I

I like the atmosphere in this bar. Simple, warm and trendy.
It suits the theme: Simply Fabulous.

Besides showing my support, I know very well that I will enjoy this party as there are June, Jimmy and Cherliz. I even make new friends with Yaya and ... emm... oh dear. I have forgotten his name. Sorry.. =P

When the girls get together, you know what will happen next. Cam-whoring took place all the time. That is the reason why I always empty my memory card to provide enough space for me to capture pictures. Besides, I even bring extra battery so that the happy moment can be extended and secured. This is how a professional cum experienced blogger speaks.


Even some guys love cam-whoring. Not just girls ok. Don't be stereotype.

The story behind this picture:
We thought Jimmy was so lonely as his the-other-half couldn't make it for the party. So, we tried our best to keep him entertained by chatting with him. Obviously, it failed. Well we thought he will remain this lonely face for the rest of the day. Again, we was wrong because the next minute, a huge plate of food were served and placed on our table and immediately, a big smile was curved on his face.

Thanks Yaya for this. Secret.. :)

Then only we know... he was actually hungry.
Lol... Jimmy oh Jimmy.. :D

Girls will never get tired with camera. Trust me when I say this. One of the normal activity which the 21st century chicks will do is to spend time, cam-whoring in the ladies. Don't ask me why because this is the trend. Just accept it!

June's nails are so adorable. Love her nail art so much.
"June, I want! I want! Can do for me?"

Sitting, eating, drinking and chit chatting at a corner of the bar with my friends, I managed to witness how recording and assignment were being carried out. The 10 of them were split into 2 groups. They were asked to find 10 selected people (with certain characteristics and career background) within 20 minutes if I am not mistaken.

It looked fun but I know, it is not easy. You have to run on high heels, approaching unknown people and followed by cameras all the time. I could see Bei Shan had done her very best. She just look gorgeous all the time, especially when she was playing with the iphone. Haha... :D

After the assignment, she managed to find and join us. Of course, we never want to miss any chance to snap picture with this Simply Fabulous lady. So, another 'photography session' was being carried out. We even managed to get help from a friendly crew (from 8tv) to help us to snap a group picture. She is so nice, merci... ;)

We chatted for another 30minutes before Eric and I left the bar. It was fun to be there, adoring my friend's talents and performance. The reality show will be released soon, probably in the middle of this September. I just can't wait for the show. Feel like ordering a dozen of popcorn while waiting for the show.

All the best girl!
See you later in class. How lucky me.