26 September 2009

Tsunami - Haeundae (해운대)

Seriously, I hate disaster movie. Hate it from the bottom of my heart. One of the reasons is because, it always leave me in such a mess condition. A condition where no one can imagine, not even my mum I suppose.

I cried miserably when I watched this movie, Tsunami - Haeundae (해운대) with Eric just awhile ago in a nearby cinema. Tears just couldn't stop streaming down, wetting both my poor soaking cheeks. The climax is really heart-breaking as it doesn't fail to show how people die in such an unpredictable disaster (well, if it is predictable, it wouldn't be a disaster right? puff..).

And what grab my attention the most is how people willingly sacrify their life for their love ones. What a noble action.

Those touching yet saddening scenes keep on flashing in my mind. How a father and a mother against all odds in order to save their only daughter, how a safeguard scarify his life to save another life, how a couple fight death and so on and so forth. You have only 10 minutes to say what you want to say. Gosh... I can feel my tears trying to escape from my eye balls.

Stop it Kelly.
Stop it!

You're going to sleep soon with lullaby, k?

Long story short, this movie has taught me something very important which is to appreciate life, people and our environment. We will never know when is the end of our lives. What we can do is to love who we are, be thankful with what we have, care for those who we love and appreciate every beauty we see. If one day uncle death is knocking our doors, we wouldn't be worried nor anxious because we have already enjoyed a wonderful life and nothing can take this feeling away.

Thank for creating such a wonderful film. It does aware me about life and death. Not to forget the power of God. Now I wonder, how do the 2004 Tsunami survivors live their lives now?

P/s: Not going to watch any disaster movie, not until I am ready. Hmpm...