04 September 2009

Planning For Surprises <3

"They say, surprises should be kept as secret. No hints should be given out if you really want to surprise somebody". Yes, I totally agree with this idea. Since we have planned to give surprises, there is no point leaking the gold out.

My 22nd Birthday Presents!
*Thanks friends*

However, I would say it in another way. Tell them there is a surprise but make sure they have no idea what it is about. This will be a good way to draw their curiosity and to tempt them to discover the secret. Isn't it always feel good when someone or even better, a group of people show their interest towards your effort? (in surprising them and to make them happy). Obviously, I do sound like one who love doing this ever since I remembered. That's why, my friend named me the 'cheeky girl' or sometimes, 'the mischievous one'.

Well, I can't help!

Seriously, I don't think giving surprises to those who meant a lot to me is bad though the 'victim' might have to go through some emotional-torturing-moments or anxiety. Lol... I am just pulling your leg. Not that serious ok? I care how my friends feel, a lot

Since I am a kind of person who like giving surprises to others, why not do it this time for the sake of love and care for my friends? I have a small plan right now and hopefully, by this Sunday you can see my 'surprises'. If you are asking who are the 'lucky candidates' who can receive these surprises. Well, I would say to those who had brighten up my days with birthday wishes presents last Sunday.

Well, I really hope I can manage to make one soon.
Really hope so...

Notes: Pictures taken by Jane when I was still half asleep during that late morning, trying to smile as brightly as I could. You had no idea how exhausted I was after throwing a small bbq party last Sunday.

That's why you can notice how small my eyes were (in fact, they are always small... aiskk..)