16 December 2009

Broga Hill



Finally, I have done selecting and editing my Broga Hill trip’s photos. Trust me, this is a worth reading post (in fact, all of my blog posts are worth reading). I have spent nearly 1 days to do this work. So, do leave me comments as a sign of appreciation and motivation. I desperately need them! Lol… =)


Since the post title already stated ‘Broga Hill’, it is obvious that this post is about  the hill. lol.. Last Saturday, I had been to an adventurous local trip with the 4 of them Kok Wei, Jien Hau, Zhi Xing and Makiyo at a small town namely Semenyih in Selangor (Malaysia). I know Semenyih pretty well because my aunt is staying there and I often spent my holiday at her house, visiting and playing with my cousins when I was small. Well, not anymore ever since the rest of us have grown up. However, I didn’t notice that this mentioned hill is located at Semenyih, which is pretty near to my aunt’s house. Oh dear, am I the last one who knows?




Anyway, that is not important because that doesn’t stop me from enjoying myself with Zhi Xing and his friends. I should thank to Makiyo and Jien Hau for planning and guiding us there because without them, we wouldn’t be able to witness the calm 12th December 2009’s sunrise. They are the ones who suggested to reach there before 6am because it will take times to reach at the peak of the hill. Guess what, I have to depart at 4am from my house. So, I decided to sleep at 9pm in order to recharge a full bar of energies in me. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out like what I had expected. I went to bed at 9.30pm, trying to plant myself on the bed with an ideal position and doze off. But I ended up rolling and changing position every few minutes with mind full of thoughts of excitement. Frankly, it is too early for me. Plus, I was over excited till it disturbing the secretion of alpha and beta waves in the brain.


I ended up having just a couple of hours of sleep before my mobile phone started singing my favorite song, “Way Back To Love”. Well, no worries because I was absolutely energetic and the 2 hours nap had enable me to reached the peaks of the hill just on time before sunrise. We are lucky because the weather was good and accompanied by Mr. Wind, allowing us to adore the enormous amount of shinning stars, the bright smiley moon and cold breeze. Oh ya. I had to use torchlight all along the way. It was really dark. A MUST BRING ITEM.




Those stars and moon have reminded me about my childhood’s dream to own a small astronomy room where there will be glass roof and telescope in my future house. I want to be showered by stars light in each fine weather while nesting myself on a cosy bed with my prince charming. Hey, don’t laugh at my innocent childhood’s dream because I will not consider doing this anymore considering the growing number of burglary, robbery and high cost… sigh.. =(


The wind was freaky strong  during in the whole journey and my hair was all mess up (since I have short hair now. I felt like an black octopus dancing on my head whenever the winds came. lol.)


I was pretty amazed with myself on how I managed to reach the first peak (there are 3 peaks) just in time before sunrise. I was kinda worried with my blood pressure, just in case I might faint, like in my previous trip to Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. I nearly fainted while half way cycling up the sloppy hill. It will be a tragedy if I faint half way climbing up the Broga Hill because the earthy track is seriously steep and narrow. I guess a comfortable entire (loose t-shirt, stretchable pants and comfy bra) safe me from those troubles.



I just simply love this place although it was kinda crowded.




But still, the crowds didn’t stop my excitement and joy in admiring the sky and the beauty of the place. I feel connected with the environment and this has reminded me about MJ’s Earth Song and Heal The World. Man has done enough damage to our mother Earth and it is time to save our Earth from further damage. Seriously, I can’t imagine what if 2012 really happens. Praying that I have enough time to do whatever I want to do to my love ones.


Ok. Back to the Broga Hill. I have gone too far again.. –__-!!



I was surprised to see a large group of DSLR owners at each peak of the hill. (It makes me feel small when I am using my Sony compact digital camera. Hmpm..) All of them had already chosen a good spot, with camera on hands or tripod, preparing to snap the gorgeous sun to rise. Wow… did they reach there at 6 if not 5am? Anyway, here are 2 pictures of sunrise. Not being able to capture much because it happened too fast.



And a lovely dovey pictures…. <3




Well, I strongly believe that you know what will happen next once I reach the peak, yes? I will never miss a single opportunity in capturing every single worth-to-be-remembered moment. In addition, this is my first time, doing something really outdoor with Zhi Xing and his friends. Ok. Now, they have become MY FRIENDS! Haha.. So, those memorable moments must be recorded, right? =D


Here are my best shoots of everyone, including myself doing self-portrait.



You might be questioning about how beautiful Broga Hill is since there are no photos of the hill yet. Well, I am just about to show those pictures to you. There are so greeeeeeen that I thought they are ‘green pau’! Lol.. what the pau.







This place is surrounded by big stone and tall grass. Forgive me for not knowing the name of this plants. Let me know if you know it. Anyway, I really love this place and just couldn’t shut down my camera. As a result, I took about 200 photos in the end of the day. Crazy. That’s the reason why it took a longer time to write this post. Tiring but satisfying… ^^



edit12  edit14


And not surprisingly, there were some ‘funny activities’ going on among us them. My job is to capture as much as I can and post it in my blog and Facebook. Lol.. Isn’t that fun? Pardon me if you can’t stand looking at those photos. Hahaha.. Don’t blame me k?


anigif   kok1  kok3




Aren’t they so cute? It will be even great if I can insert background music or sound effect. Lol… Is there any software where I can insert sound effect? haha.. That will be brilliant.. XD




I, myself managed to capture a few photos of me. Not much because I didn’t feel good with my look that day as I could feel a pair of big, swallow dark circles under my eyes plus the messy hair. At that moment, I miss my long hair because the strong wind really messed me up and if I have longer hair, I can at least tie up my hair like Makiyo. It wouldn’t look so funny. Lol.. Anyway, I didn’t regret for cutting my hair. No. No.

And thanks to Jien Hau for the photos… =)



kel3 copy


Guess. What. Here are another few photos which I love so much with the presence of the sun. Though the sun rays are not clearly being captured, still I can see the effect. I love these photos so much that I thought I was doing photography for advertisement or for artist music album? hahaha… I feel so bold with myself.. =D









Now, who say compact digital camera can’t work well? I know it is tiny if compare to those expensive DSLR but still, I manage to capture good photos. Agree? (giving excuses for myself for not owning a DSLR… yet). This is not a hinting message. No No. I don’t expect my parents or the boyfriend to buy me a DSLR at this stage because I am a student who fully relying on my parents economically and I don’t want to get one without me working hard. Like I always said, I wanna work and get my own peny to get my own DSLR. That will be more meaningful, isn’t it? Except if there is a contest which I can win one. Haha.. =)



The‘chicken eyes’ – For Jason. Lol..


We spent almost 2 hours there before we decided to leave because we wanna saved ourselves from those dangerous UV lights. Plus, we were freaky angry. I mean, I was really hungry and couldn’t wait to get back to car and leave. However, my hunger wasn’t a big matter anymore because I felt sleepy rather than hungry. I was real exhausted man! 2 hours of sleep and a McD breakfast burger couldn’t prevent me from feeling sleepy. Another point is, it has been a long time I didn’t do any exercise. Not even walking and that is real embarrassing… lazy egg.. =(

                      DSC05918 This is the track I mean. You will not notice there is a hill if you didn’t walk further. It is a challenge for old adults. So, make sure you are strong physically if you wanna go there.


You will come across with oil palm plantation before you come across with the hill. You will have to pay RM2 if you park the car in this area (oil palm area).


The moment I reached home, I just felt deadly on my bed for 2 hours straight. The hours should be more if not because of my stomach started to rumbling furiously and I got to get up and eat. Anyway, it was a real fun experience and I wish to go there again. Thanks to all my friends for bringing me there. I shall start exercise, not just fingers..


Some collection of the best shoot photos. Aren’t they like calender or music album? Lol.. Hey! RM50 each k? Contribution to my D800 funds.. =D


first3  edit5      

my heart will go on


P/S: What a long post which full with photos. Well, I am sorry if the loading page turns slow. I just feel like sharing all these photos.. =D


P/P/S: What you should bring? Torch light, stick (to make life easier when you walk down the hill), drinking water and small towel. Oh, and put them in a bag as it will be easier for you to climb up and down.


P/P/P/S: I don’t think I can blog any more travel post as it consumed so much of my time. Not an effective egg. Well, I can’t bother much because I just love this post.. Hope you enjoy it.. ^^