28 May 2010

Should I switch To Curryegg.Com?

Note: This is my critical moment. It involves both yours and mine future. Pay attention.


Some of you witness my blog’s growth from an infant to a child. I still remember all of my first batch readers who kept on visiting and leaving comments (I wonder are you still with me now?) during in my first year of blogging life. You watch me growing from no post to hundreds of posts, from a boring site turns into a more happening personal diary.




Well, this growth wouldn’t be a fun and exciting experience for me if without your presence: both my old and new readers.


So, before I decide to make a big change for this blog (probably), I think it is best that I can get your responses. I would love to hear from you because I feel that this is like a home for all of us.



*Humming Barney’s Song*

I love you, you love me.. we are happy family.. lol..



Of course, I know I own this blog and it makes sense that I have full authority over this whole blog thingy. However, I have slightly different opinion compare to other bloggers. I treat this place like a home to all of us- to everyone who enjoys reading curryegg’s blog as much as I do.


DSC01088 That’s me.


I think, you can get a better picture on how I view my readers in my reader’s affair post. Thus, I want you to get involve together with me for this blog’s future. This is important.



So here:


I am facing this dilemma whether to switch or connect my current curryegg.blogspot.com to curryegg.com. It takes me 6 months to do the planning. Well yes, I have already owned this domain, the dot com since last November. Thank to Joey Tong for his kindness. He bought me this curryegg.com domain as a gift for my birthday. Ahhwww… he is so nice. Thank a lot.


Note: blogspot.com is a sponsor blog whereas .com is a domain which you need yearly payment.


Well seriously, I think this is a real waste of time. I have lost my 6 months just for planning and do nothing at all for this website. Oh yes. I did a trial post on it. But that’s not what I want.



Since I am still having this dilemma whether:


1) to connect my current blog into this new domain (which will be exactly the same like the current blog)

2) run this curryegg.com as a new website (discussing different topics which will be time consuming)




I have decided to bring this up and discuss it together because I always believe that ‘more brains is better than 1’. Plus, I want to hear from you as I need your opinions, sharing or suggestions which will contribute to my final decision.




Do you think it is a good idea to have my own domain for curryegg territory? Or keep this current blog at blogspot.com and create a new website in curryegg.com? Maybe it will be used to discuss about curry spices, curry dishes, motivational or etc?



Tell me my dear readers! Tell me!



Thank you in advance.. <3