30 May 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Seriously, I am losing words for this post.

You know right. When it comes to nice food, my curryegg's writing skill is at risk. I can't be a good photographer nor a writer. That's one of my weaknesses *oopss.. know you've found out*

No matter how hard I’ve tried to put all my feelings into words, still… I failed. So, I have decided to put this, another way round. I’m putting all my photos here to speak directly to you. Since, everyone believes that  ‘picture is worth a thousand words’, thus, I have no reason to reject my following actions.

Before that, this story begins from Nuffnang. I have found out that PizzaHut is organizing a blog competition, selecting the best 5 creative writing on their latest 'masterpiece' namely, the 'Fish King Pizza'. Yes. You can find fishes on the cheezily cheese pizza!

So, I thought of trying my lady luck for this competition as the 5 lucky winners can win RM2000 each. Oh my gosh! I can buy a netbook or a DSLR!

Well of course, you can do anything without taking the first move - visit one of the PizzaHut outlet and try their latest product. So, I did and had tried it. 100% real personal experience. Even Eric's too. Lol..

This is what I call, my happy moment.

Frankly, win or no win, I am being honest with you about this new dish. It is really worth to be tried at least 10th times - for the cripsy fishes, cheezy mozzarella cheese and reasonable price!

Now people, who wanna join me for the next Fish King trip?


The ugly truth that you shouldn't know much:

Sorry mama... I buy you another one next time k?