25 May 2010

First Day Of Being A Craft Teacher



I thought, there will be my live blogging post this morning as I was blogging from my phone. Well, I guess it is not working. Never the mind.


Today is my first day of work at a craft shop, teaching children how to make craft. It is the most interesting job I have ever worked on (second is being an art teacher). I am a part-timer, learning how the centre work, how to teach the child, how to deal with parents and how to improve my teaching skills.


It has been ages since I became a teacher for young children (exclude my nephews and niece. lol). It is tiring not because of the work, but the full attention one’s need to give to every children during in each sessions. Children at young age needs lot of attention, cares and guideline from the adults.


You might be wondering how long each session takes. Well, each session take 1 hour. I have to work averagely 7-8 hours. So, you do the maths.


During weekend, I have been informed that it will be crowded as you don’t even have time for a break or even for lunch because it is no-school-day. So, parents will bring their kids to the centre.


ckl A random photo of me. Worried that you might forget my face. lolx.


Well, I have taught a class with 10-15 total of children (or more? I have forgotten the exact total) with my cousins during in my aunt’s kidnergarden. It is just for 2 hours and I can feel the tiredness.


Anyway, I am willing to work and gain experience with my work, the people and the children. I don’t mind paying extra effort to work for this job because I know, this is a big move to reach my long-term goal.


I shall share more in my next post because my stomach is rumbling again. Time to get a quick maggie mee session (instant noodles). Hope that I will be allowed to take some photos. Wait, is it a good idea to let my colleagues know about my blog?


Emm.. maybe not now.