26 October 2010

Celcom XPLAY SHOUT! Awards

Are you a music lover?

  • Like you can’t live a day peacefully without tuning into your favorite radio station?
  • Or you can’t focus in your work without playing a list of your daily-dose-songs?
  • Or you just can’t calm yourself down when Bad Romance remix is played by the DJ?

Well, I don’t know about you but I am definitely one of the kind. Music is my life, my passion! I can let myself moods swim with the flow of the music being played in a happening room.

Photo of 4 months ago

And it is such a great news to know that Celcom is doing something extra-ordinary again, something which I will definitely agree on. Well, the XPLAY is here. The XPLAY is here!! =D

You might be wondering, what’s XPLAY?

XPLAY is a series of music events national wide that brings various genres of music under one roof. The best local and international DJs will be brought by Xplan (Celcom) for electrifying shows.

There will be The Shout! Awards during this music occasion where it is an entertainment awards show created to celebrate the Malaysia entertainment industry. The award recognizes a range of people from various industries which include the television, music, radio and film… *fully support!*

So, for those who love music as much as I do, here is a good news for you. Xplay Shout! a pre-show party for Shout! Awards is happening at The Library e@curve on 13 November 2010 to celebrate nominees. There will be performance by the 2009 Shout! Awards winners and DJs. AWESOMESAUCE!!!

Another good news will be… You can Get FREE INVITATION to this event! Seriousjuice? Yes dear. Here is the tips:

How to get invited?

You can register for your exclusive FREE invitation from the Xpax Facebook at www.facebook.com/xpaxfb
  1. Join as a fan and click on the “XPLAY” tab
  2. Register for a FREE invitation.
  3. 1st 150 customers to register on Xpax Facebook will get Free Drinks as well! (If you are an Xpax or U.O.X. member, you’ll get 2 drinks!)

So, what are you waiting for?