06 March 2012

Cute Little Ellane ♥

I guess, lately I am more adjusted with my new teaching life. Or should I say, I am learning to be less stressful towards my new job? There are still a ton of things which need to be worked on but I also realized that my inner child wants to be nurtured. Therefore, photography came into the picture.

Just last Saturday, Calv and I visited Steve and his family to celebrate their new born. I brought my DSLR along, hoping that I will get a chance to get help from the-sifu (Steve is an expert). I am still a very new DSLR owner. Thus, there are still a lot more to be learned from all the experts =)

I was pretty shy at first to bring out my new toy because I didn’t feel it was a good time to disturb the hosts of the event. However, I was wrong when Calv managed to find a right time and broke my shy-ness away. I couldn’t tell why but I am a pretty shy person.


Anyway, I managed to get Steve’s help with the DSLR setting and have her cute daughter as my model after that. She is seriously cute and adorable!


ellaneI love the bokah effect.

ellane4Two cute ponny tails.

ellane11The best cheeky smile of Ellane =D

ellane9Ellane and her dad’s DSLR.

ellane15Mummy was dressing Ellane up.ellane14


I like my first photo album collection so far. What do you think?

One of the reasons that I like the most is the ability to snap some of the very precious moments – especially on Ellane’s facial expression because she moved so fast and my camera barely focused on her!

Photography is a real fun and therapeutic activity for me. I would love to do as much as I can in the near future. I wonder, can I snap my students when they are having their first formative exam tomorrow? =P

P/s: More to come!