03 June 2012

What the FROG?

I have never taken frog seriously until lately, I am paying more attention to this creature – since Thursday.


I am serious! Like yesterday, when I was walking in the mall to do my long-time-no-do window shopping (ever since become a teacher, I am even conscious of my own spending. So, window shopping is what I did. No different when I was a student =.= ), my eyes keep spotting Frog items such as frog mug, frog soft toy, frog bottle, frog slipper, frog handphone bag, frog keychain and frog, frog froogg.. >.<


Before this, my focus is more on Panda because it is my casual jokes on Calv – because his eyes really like panda when he didn’t sleep well.


But now.. the focus is on the green creature because lately, Teach For Malaysia fellows were being invited to attend training organized by Frog in KL to explore the possibilities for future collaboration using technology in our classrooms. Here are the badges I received from their freebies. Yay! =D


Free cute badges I received from Frog *happy* ;)


Doesn’t it just sound 21st Century type of workshop? If you are wondering why is FROG being mentioned frequently, I shall clear your curiosity *tune in to deep, professional voice*. Frog or known as


“The Frog Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a web-based learning system that replicates real-world learning by integrating virtual equivalents of conventional concepts of education. For example, teachers can assign lessons, tests, and marks virtually, while students can submit homework and view their marks through the VLE. Parents can view school news and important documents while school administrators can organize their school calendars and disseminate school notices via the Internet”. (Ctl C + V)


For more information, visit their website here.


And guess what? Frog is working together with Teach For Malaysia in all selected 17 schools in KL, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. It is awesome!  Imagine the possibility of using use technology for virtual learning in the classroom. Students are engaged, their achievement improved and you become happier teacher =)


frog6 A random photo of our #TFM LDOs – Sarah, Giles, Sawittri and Shannon.


If you can’t imagine how technology is used in the typical non-conditioning classroom in Malaysia, the photo below are good examples. They were taken during Teach For Malaysia Week when Datin Kathleen visited my school at SMK Jalan Reko with the Frog team. They brought 30+ chrome books (or known as netbook), projector and own internet 4G connection from Yes.



It was really cool! I can imagine myself learning with teacher who use chrome book, projector and fast speed wireless in the classroom tho I will never get the chance to taste it like a student… =(


Behind the scene team. My students were nervous and excited at the same time with all the attention given on them. Lol…


We are currently at the brainstorming stage to explore, discover and work on every possibility that we think will success and helpful for both the teacher and students. The only concern I have now is, will this sophisticated idea help the students to succeed in academic? Will the teacher save more time in teaching when implementing this method? Will all these prepare the students to be a better learner? I don’t know and I would like to find out.


For me, I will just need a projector, a speaker and a laptop if I want to implement this virtual classroom concept. I did it before in my Form 1 Civic class and received full engagement and participants from my students.



They even came out with creative ideas that I have never thought of. Well, technology can truly enrich the experience for both teachers and students.
But why my teachers never did that on me geh? =(


Well, back to my 2 days training at Jalan Sentul, KL with the passionate frog teams. The experience was really fun, enriching, inspiring and touching with all the efforts given by both Frog and Teach For Malaysia teams. Our goals are aligned, and no matter how far the discussion been brought to, the end product will still FTK – For The Kids.


Besides FTK, there is still FUA – For Us All.. =P



Our breakfast, tea time and lunch were attended warmly by the team.

frog2 See. So nice their cinnamon buns with topping.


I have never eaten something as nice as this. They even got the best scorn in town! I wonder why they have such a great taste? I thought they just eat flies and bugs?Impressive! =D


In the end of the day, we did group discussions between TFM and Frog teams. We used mahjong paper to brainstorm and our final products received recognition from the Frog! We managed to make it through for Frog’s Wall Of Fame! Famous~~ * proud for no reason*



This is my team’s product. Everyone brainstormed and came out with idea while I wrote and drew on the paper using marker pen. I pretty like how it turned out, especially with the frog. Now I know! Must be the cute mascot of Frog that made me having a crush on the real green creature (which I never really liked before because of the mucus and it jumps!).


The training was so awesome that I didn’t get the chance to do my ‘eggie’s-fashionable-note-taking’. OMG! The way they presented their material using Prezie were too attractive while the presenter showed infectious  persona. As a result, my concentration was fully on them and hardly on my purple sketchbook.


frog5  I leave a large space with the hope that I could doodle what I had learned in the past two days. Now I am in day 2 after the training and it still remains empty. Lol..



Dunno how Captain America came into the mind when the presenter gave an example of a scene. And shit! I don’t know is Captain America real name is Steve?


Anyway, ya.. That's all about Frog. FROG! *jump jump*


P/s: Should I fund raising for a projector so that my students can benefit from it? If yes, where and how can I start it?


P/s/s: I won a first prize for winning the highest vote for my Frog site design (not too sure what does it call =.=!) so I got a Yes 4G top up credit from Frog. Awesome! I received a dongle from Datin Kathleen during TFMweek. Now, I can have some free credit and try it out at school. Thank you Frog and Yes! Yes! =D


I changed the blog post title from Frog to What The Frog. Feel cuter and unique. Lol.. what the frog =P